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NAME: Mary Quigley

BIRTH: 1 May 1801 Dorian,,Tipperary,Ireland

DEATH: 18 Oct.1886 El Paso Illinois

FATHER: John Quigley

MOTHER: Margaret McDonagh

NAME: Mary Quigley

BIRTH: 28 October 1838 Canada West

DEATH: 26 Jul 1918 Deerfield, Mecosta MI

FATHER: Lysander Quigley

MOTHER: Mary "Polly" Most

NAME: Mary Quigley

BIRTH: 1 May 1838 Bellaray, India

DEATH: 5 Jul 1917 Manchester, Lancashire, England

FATHER: Hugh Quigley

MOTHER: Frances McCormick

NAME: Mary Evangelist Quigley

BIRTH: 05 Feb 1893 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 30 Jan 1928 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

FATHER: John (Edward?) Quigley

MOTHER: Grace Marie O'Rourke

NAME: Mary Quigley

BIRTH: 18 Oct 1872 Ireland

DEATH: 21 Jan 1941 Ireland

FATHER: Edward Quigley

MOTHER: Bridget Morgan

NAME: Mary K Quigley

BIRTH: 06 Feb 1903 Manchester, Hillsborough, NH

DEATH: 22 Aug 1988 Rubidoux, Riverside, California, USA

FATHER: Patrick Quigley

MOTHER: Catherine T. Mulligan

NAME: Mary Ann Quigley

BIRTH: 27 Mar 1836 Hampden Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

DEATH: 1 May 1923 Lower Allen Township, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: John P Quigley


NAME: Mary Quigley

BIRTH: 21 Oct 1901 Midland, Michigan

DEATH: 24 October 2000 Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, USA


MOTHER: Mary Ida Peters

NAME: Mary C Quigley

BIRTH: 26 May 1892 Catasauqua, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 09 Jul 1944 Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Patrick Quigley

MOTHER: Sarah Fisher

NAME: Mary Dorothy (Molly) QUIGLEY

BIRTH: 28 Mar 1902 Jamestown, South Australia Australia

DEATH: 8 Sep 1976 Walkerville, South Australia


MOTHER: Catherine Gertrude Erwin

NAME: Mary Anne Quigley

BIRTH: 28 May 1887 Galway, Ireland

DEATH: 1949 Mansfield, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Festus E Quigley

MOTHER: Mary E Quigley

NAME: Mary Elizabeth Quigley

BIRTH: 17 Feb 1900 Tooban, Burt District, Co. Donegal, Ireland

DEATH: 18 Mar 1984 Ireland

FATHER: Daniel Quigley

MOTHER: Margaret McCarron

NAME: Mary Anne Quigley

BIRTH: 6 April 1890 Fahan Co Donegal Ireland

DEATH: 30 Dec 1947 Letterkenny, Ireland

FATHER: William Joseph Quigley

MOTHER: Elizabeth McCarron

NAME: Mary Ellen Quigley

BIRTH: 25th March 1904 50 Brooke Street West Cheshire, Lancashire, United Kingdom

DEATH: 2 June 1944 81 Bridgefield Street Stockport Cheshire England

FATHER: Michael Quigley

MOTHER: Ann Crayton Wall

NAME: Mary J Quigley

BIRTH: 1866/12/04 East Franklin Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa

DEATH: Sept 25 1955 Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Sharon Mateer Quigley

MOTHER: Mary Reed Mateer

NAME: Mary Georgina Quigley

BIRTH: 13 AUG 1885 Lucan, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 29 MAY 1978 London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Caleb Quigley

MOTHER: Hellen Donaldson

NAME: Mary Jane Quigley

BIRTH: 25 Dec,1849 Oshawa, Durham, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 7 April 1931 Ritchie Ave., Toronto, Ontario

FATHER: John Quigley

MOTHER: Mary Jane Elliott

NAME: Mary Caroline Quigley

BIRTH: 7 Jul 1860 Liberty, Marshall County, West Virginia, USA

DEATH: 22 Nov 1949 Marshall, West Virginia, USA

FATHER: John Quigley

MOTHER: Anne Chambers

NAME: Mary Lonely Mushrush Quigley

BIRTH: 1 April 1805 Vernon Twp, Conneaut Lake Crawford Co, PA

DEATH: 13 Dec 1854 Alton, Crawford, Indiana, United States

FATHER: John Quigley

MOTHER: Rosannah Mushrush

NAME: Mary Ann (Girlie) QUIGLEY

BIRTH: 6 Nov 1890 Lilydale, Victoria

DEATH: 22 Feb 1986 Wembley, Western Australia

FATHER: John Quigley

MOTHER: Mary Anne Brown

NAME: Mary Catherine Quigley

BIRTH: 20 May 1892 Drumerwinter, Fermanagh, Ireland

DEATH: 25 Jun 1924 Monaghan, Ireland

FATHER: Francis Quigley

MOTHER: Mary Ellen Rooney

NAME: Mary Anna Quigley

BIRTH: 15 August 1835 Ireland

DEATH: 21 March 1916 Washington DC, District of Columbia, Maryland, USA

FATHER: Farrell Quigley

MOTHER: Bridget Quigley

NAME: Mary Elizabeth Quigley

BIRTH: 18 June 1863 Barren County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 2 January 1933 Nobob, Barren County, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Andrew Jackson Quigley

MOTHER: Elizabeth H. Ferguson

NAME: Mary Elizabeth Sander Quigley

BIRTH: October 21, 1853 Indianola, Calhoun County, Texas

DEATH: November 27, 1930 Waring, Kendall County, Texas

FATHER: Heinrich Anton Sander

MOTHER: Fredrica Roda

NAME: Mary Leona Quigley

BIRTH: 22 May 1908 Rocky Mount, Meriwether County, Georgia

DEATH: 30 Nov 1996 Apopka, Orange, Florida, United States of America

FATHER: James Taylor Quigley

MOTHER: Mary Lou Davis