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Name: Mary E Horton

Birth: 7 Mar 1900 Eldred, Sullivan County NY

Death: 15 Jan 1946 Eldred, Sullivan, New York, USA

Father: John J. Horton

Mother: Anna Elizabeth Stanton

Name: Mary Florence Horton

Birth: 5 July 1899 Point, Rains, Texas, USA

Death: 7 May 1979 Mesquite, Dallas, Texas, United States

Father: Henry Allan Horton

Mother: Bobbie Allene Davidson

Name: Mary Jane Horton

Birth: 28 May 1842 Jefferson, Iowa, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1888 Morgan, Illinois, USA

Father: Urias Horton

Mother: Sarah Ann Berry

Name: Mary Frances Horton

Birth: 25 Dec 1882 Tuscumbia, Miller, Missouri, USA

Death: 2 Jul 1969 Cullison, Pratt, Kansas, USA

Father: David F Horton

Mother: Rebecca Ann Neal

Name: Mary M Horton

Birth: 13 Apr 1866 Carter, Carter, Kentucky, United States

Death: 27 Jul 1950 Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky, USA

Father: Edmund Whitt

Mother: Mary Jane Perry Rice Rose

Name: Mary Horton

Birth: 19 Jul 1726 Southold, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America

Death: 10 November 1807 Chester, Burlington, New Jersey, United States

Father: Caleb HORTON

Mother: Phebe Terry

Name: Mary Olive Horton

Birth: 12 Jul 1900 Round Grove, Kay County, Oklahoma

Death: 22 Mar 1994 Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma

Father: Orvill Horton

Mother: Lora Mable Fouts

Name: Mary Elizabeth Horton

Birth: 13 Dec 1851 Searcy, Arkansas

Death: 19 Jan 1920 Searcy, Arkansas

Father: Isaac Hardeman Horton

Mother: Sarah Berry

Name: Mary Horton

Birth: 12 Mar 1806 Pitt Town, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 01 Dec 1876 Spring Creek, Orange, New South Wales, Australia

Father: David Halton/Horton

Mother: Elizabeth SMITH

Name: Mary (Polly) Horton

Birth: 19 March 1819 Friendsville, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 25 May 1899 King, Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Jonathan A Horton

Mother: Polly Fairbrother

Name: Mary Ada Nancy Jane Horton

Birth: 05 April 1878 Bear Creek, Searcy, Arkansas, USA

Death: 08 Mar 1965 Searcy Co., Arkansas

Father: David J. Horton

Mother: Nancy Elizabeth Adams

Name: Mary Constance Horton

Birth: 10 Nov 1901 Valley Center, Kansas

Death: 15 Nov 1990 Tucson, Arizona

Father: George Arthur Horton

Mother: Anna Laura Mixon

Name: Mary Molsey Horton

Birth: 04 Jul 1808 Coffee, Alabama, USA

Death: 21 JUN 1881 Pleasant Ridge, Greene, Alabama

Father: Jesse Tyree Horton

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Sally Chamblee

Name: Mary De La Salud Salazar Horton

Birth: 14 Jan 1927 Henderson, Rusk, Texas, USA

Death: 12 Nov 2008 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California, USA

Father: Amos Horton

Mother: Josephine Strong

Name: Mary Ann Horton

Birth: 29 April 1851 Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA

Death: 23 August 1939 Webster, Louisiana, United States



Name: Mary Myrtia Horton

Birth: 17 Jan 1886 Carroll co, Virginia, USA

Death: 10 July 1972 Pulaski, Pulaski, Virginia, USA

Father: John Peter Horton

Mother: Clementine MARTIN

Name: Mary Ann Horton

Birth: 10 February 1831 Orange County, New York, USA

Death: 4 Apr 1915 Ash Fork, Prescott Valley, Yavapai, Arizona, USA

Father: Jehiel W Horton

Mother: Anna Hammond

Name: Mary Etta Horton

Birth: 3 Jun 1881 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Death: 13 Mar 1972 Salisbury, Rowan, North Carolina

Father: William Jasper Horton

Mother: Isabella L Gardner

Name: Mary Bedell Horton

Birth: 20 March 1803 Westchester County, New York, USA

Death: 15 April 1884 Binghamton, Broome, New York, USA

Father: Joseph Horton

Mother: Mary Bedell

Name: Mary Jane Horton

Birth: 26 October 1839 Kentucky, United States of America

Death: 1932 Smith Center, Smith Co, KS

Father: Hiram Horton

Mother: Elizabeth Neal

Name: Mary Ann Horton

Birth: 1838 Dudley, Staffordshire, England

Death: 1912 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Father: James Horton

Mother: Elizabeth Bagnall

Name: Mary Elizabeth HORTON

Birth: 02 Apr 1870 Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina, USA

Death: 19 Jul 1956 Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA

Father: Thomas Racine Horton

Mother: Mary Susanna "Susan" Hough

Name: Mary Ann Horton

Birth: 1802 Orpington, Kent, England

Death: 1864 Portman Place, Mile End, Middlesex, England



Name: Mary Ann Horton

Birth: 4 June 1874 Hill County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 5 February 1956 Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas, United States of America

Father: John Thomas Horton

Mother: Martha Jain Green

Name: Mary Annie Laura Mcclure Horton

Birth: 17 Feb 1877 Terrell, Texas Kaufman Co

Death: October 19, 1938 Point, Rains, Texas USA

Father: James Ede Mc Clure

Mother: Susan Ann Canada

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