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NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: bef 8 Dec 1782 Sedlescombe, Sussex, ENG

DEATH: abt 1844? Ripley Co., IN

FATHER: Robert Glover

MOTHER: Mary Reed

NAME: Mary "Polly" Glover

BIRTH: 4 Oct 1795 Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 11 Mar 1845 Seneca, Noble, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Glover Samuel

MOTHER: Margaret Dods Dodd Dod

NAME: Mary Alice Glover

BIRTH: 23 Jun 1861 Chadwell, Leicestershire, England

DEATH: 1 May 1917 82 Beardall Street, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, England

FATHER: John Glover

MOTHER: Sarah Jordan

NAME: Mary Etta Glover

BIRTH: 25 Aug 1892 Dodd City, Fannin, Texas

DEATH: 19 JUN 1924 Vernon, Wilbarger, Texas, United States

FATHER: Harrison Lee Glover

MOTHER: Martha Bertha Clark

NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: 3 Apr 1867 York, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 04 Feb 1943 Fort William, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Andrew Glover

MOTHER: Mary Anne Reed

NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: 14 Dec 1812 Plymouth, NH

DEATH: Jun 07, 1900 West Union, Fayette, Iowa, USA

FATHER: Seth Glover

MOTHER: Jemima Batchelder

NAME: Mary Elizabeth Glover

BIRTH: 17 Apr 1863 White, Georgia, United States

DEATH: 15 Mar 1950 Habersham, Georgia, United States

FATHER: James Fincher Glover

MOTHER: Talitha Adaline McAfee

NAME: Mary Susie Glover

BIRTH: 16 December 1862 Waco,Cook County, Texas, USA

DEATH: 11 December 1948 Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: George Glover

MOTHER: Hannah Pearson

NAME: Mary Ann Glover

BIRTH: 19 Nov 1839 Bermondsy, Surrey, England

DEATH: Dec 1888 Newington, Surrey, , England

FATHER: James Edward Glover

MOTHER: Mary Ann Cast

NAME: Mary E. Glover

BIRTH: 23 November 1906 Clark County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 31 Oct 1989 Mount Vernon, Rockcastle, Kentucky, United States of America

FATHER: Horace Neval Glover

MOTHER: Anna Lou Wilson

NAME: Mary Ann Glover

BIRTH: 17 jan 1820 Enderby, Leicestershire, England

DEATH: 20 dec 1902 Strathroy, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Thomas Glover

MOTHER: Mary Clark

NAME: Mary Maud (Mame) Glover

BIRTH: 9 May 1890 Toronto, Ontario

DEATH: 28 Jun 1972 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: John James Glover

MOTHER: Ellen Grace O'Connor

NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: 19 Jan 1820 Simonswood, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 19 Sep 1911 Reg. West Derby, Lancashire, United Kingdom

FATHER: Henry Glover

MOTHER: Amelia "Amey" Emelin Glover Heyes

NAME: Mary Jane Glover

BIRTH: About 1834 Putnam County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: aft 20 Apr 1910 Dale County, Alabama, USA

FATHER: John Paschal Glover

MOTHER: Druscilla Evans

NAME: Mary "Lucille" Glover

BIRTH: 24 Mar 1899 Walterboro, Colleton, South Carolina, USA

DEATH: 3 Feb 1967 Walterboro, Colleton, South Carolina, USA

FATHER: Joseph Bellinger Glover

MOTHER: Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Easterlin

NAME: Mary Ann Glover

BIRTH: 14 Apr 1791 Hardwick, Sussex, New Jersey, United States

DEATH: 15 Jun 1856 Saltfleet, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Francis James Glover

MOTHER: Rebecca Green

NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: 30 January 1869 Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 22 Jan 1950 St George, Washington, Utah, United States

FATHER: James Glover

MOTHER: Mary Atherton

NAME: Mary Ann Glover

BIRTH: 16 Feb 1840 Salem, Henry County, Iowa, USA

DEATH: 15 Oct 1899 Union, Hardin, Iowa, United States

FATHER: Joseph B. Glover

MOTHER: Hannah Frazier

NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: 28 Nov 1831 Rainford, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 23 Dec 1927 Simonswood, Lancashire, England

FATHER: Henry Heyes Glover

MOTHER: Elizabeth Molyneux

NAME: Mary Josephine Glover

BIRTH: Sept 27 1858 Northwest, Williams, Ohio

DEATH: 1 Aug 1945 Montpelier, Superior, Williams, Ohio

FATHER: Henry Glover

MOTHER: Hannah Rebecca Liggett

NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: 28 May 1837 Upholland, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 8 September 1915 Hyde Park, Cache, Utah, United States

FATHER: William Glover

MOTHER: Elizabeth (or) Betty (hampson) Naylor

NAME: Mary Etta Glover

BIRTH: 6 Jun 1868 Aug? Grant County, Indiana, United States of America

DEATH: 25 Oct 1939 Daleville, Delaware County, Indiana, USA

FATHER: James Glover

MOTHER: Priscilla Nelson

NAME: Mary susannah harrison Glover

BIRTH: 11 Nov 1883 Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina, United States

DEATH: Apr 1968 Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, United States

FATHER: William John Glover

MOTHER: Susan M Collins

NAME: Mary Glover

BIRTH: 1817 County Antrim, Ireland

DEATH: 19 Jun 1897 Hornby, Halton, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: William Glover

MOTHER: Elizabeth Keatley Kirkley Heatley

NAME: Mary Frances Glover

BIRTH: 3 Jun 1876 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 16 Mar 1961 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Anthony Glover

MOTHER: Sarah Letitia Vantine