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Name: Martha Matildia Outlaw

Birth: 1855 South Carolina, USA

Death: 1898

Father: William Joseph Outlaw

Mother: Rosannah Elizabeth Outlaw

Name: Martha D Outlaw

Birth: 5 March 1830 South Carolina, United States of America

Death: 12 January 1909 Tishomingo, Tishomingo, Mississippi, United States

Father: William Joseph Outlaw

Mother: Elizabeth Brannon

Name: Martha Ellen Outlaw

Birth: 5 SEP 1868 AL, Morgan, Alabama, USA

Death: 14 July 1938 Somerville, Morgan, Alabama

Father: William T Outlaw

Mother: Harriet Hamilton Olmstead Outlaw

Name: Martha Penelope Outlaw

Birth: 25 May 1886 Bertie, North Carolina

Death: 15 DEC 1955 Merry Hill, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Randolph Outlaw

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Saunders

Name: Martha (Mattie) Outlaw

Birth: 16 Jan 1870 Mississippi

Death: 16 Dec 1904 MS

Father: Ervin Worley Outlaw

Mother: Elizabeth Hulda Cobbs Outlaw

Name: Martha S Outlaw

Birth: 19 May 1837 Montgomery County, Tennessee

Death: 13 Jan 1875 Montgomery County, Tennessee

Father: Alexander Outlaw

Mother: Mourning Carbon

Name: Martha T OUTLAW

Birth: 08 Feb 1873 Montgomery County, Texas, USA

Death: 13 Aug 1938 Conroe, Montgomery, Texas, USA

Father: Francis Marion OUTLAW

Mother: Sibannia "Sibbie" Vick

Name: Martha A Outlaw

Birth: abt 1896 South Carolina

Death: 11 February 1990 Myrtle Beach, Horry County, South Carolina, USA

Father: Frank Lillenton Outlaw

Mother: Josephine Trevette Embleton

Name: Martha Emma (Mattie) Outlaw

Birth: 18 Nov 1872 Dekalb, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA

Death: ABT 1938

Father: William Henry Outlaw

Mother: Mary Lou Thomas

Name: Martha Louise Outlaw

Birth: 21 Aug 1905 Lexington County, South Carolina, United States of America

Death: 25 Jan 1976 Columbia, Richland, SC, USA

Father: Benjamin Nathan Outlaw

Mother: Charlotte Idella Locklier

Name: Martha Ann Outlaw

Birth: 15 Oct 1841 Morgan, Alabama, United States

Death: 1899 Hunt Co., Texas

Father: George Reddick (or Roderick) Outlaw

Mother: mary polly Meacham

Name: Martha Jane Outlaw

Birth: abt 1839 McNairy County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 26 Dec 1914 Shelby County, Texas, USA

Father: Joseph outlaw

Mother: Mary Wallace

Name: Martha Lucinda Outlaw

Birth: 14 Sep 1870 McLean County, Illinois, USA

Death: 28 Aug 1906 McLean County, Illinois, USA

Father: Robert C Outlaw

Mother: Celia Tomberlin

Name: Martha "Edna" Outlaw

Birth: 14 November 1878 Harrison, Washington, Georgia, USA

Death: 11 May 1960 Swainsboro, Emanuel, Georgia, USA

Father: Jordan Alexander Outlaw

Mother: Nancy Melinda Smith

Name: Martha Jane Outlaw

Birth: 10 Aug 1838 Colerain, Bertie, North Carolina

Death: 02 OCT 1917 Colerain, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Jeremiah Outlaw

Mother: Mary Polly Morris

Name: Martha Douglas "Mattie" Outlaw

Birth: 20 NOV 1864 Montgomery County, Tn

Death: 25 Oct 1941 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee

Father: George Washington Outlaw

Mother: Cynthia Ann Tomlinson

Name: Martha Ann Outlaw

Birth: abt 1813 North Carolina, USA

Death: 1908 North Carolina

Father: Joshua Outlaw

Mother: Rachel Alexander

Name: Martha Winifred Outlaw

Birth: 03 APR 1832 Ten

Death: 20 Aug 1915 Brownsville, Haywood, Tennessee, United States

Father: George W Outlaw

Mother: Luday Perry

Name: Martha Ann Outlaw

Birth: abt 1854 Haywood County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 4 Jan 1914 Haywood County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Samuel (aka Sam) Outlaw

Mother: Hager Liggin

Name: Martha Louise Outlaw

Birth: 14 Jul 1934 Hertford, North Carolina

Death: 29 Jan 2017 Brooklyn, Kings, New York

Father: Vernon E Outlaw

Mother: Martha POWELL

Name: Martha A. Outlaw

Birth: 1785 Burke County, Georgia

Death: Bet. 1830–1840 Dooly County, Georgia, USA

Father: Edward Outlaw


Name: Martha Elizabeth Outlaw

Birth: 19 Mar 1928 Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Death: 6 Jul 2000 Spotswood, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA

Father: Cullie Outlaw

Mother: Carrie Valentine

Name: Martha Outlaw

Birth: 09 Dec 1828 Wilkinson County, Georgia, USA

Death: 21 Aug 1905 Schley, Georgia, United States

Father: James M Outlaw

Mother: Cynthia Hall

Name: Martha Fay Outlaw

Birth: 2 May 1947 Trigg, Kentucky, USA

Death: 12 Jun 2013 Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Carl Edgar Outlaw

Mother: Fairy May Taylor

Name: Martha Levoy Earl Outlaw

Birth: abt 1803 Stewart County, Tennessee, USA

Death: Aft. 1850

Father: William Outlaw

Mother: Ann Ward

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