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Name: Joseph Richard Outlaw

Birth: 10 MAR 1851 Buena Vista, Marion, Georgia, USA

Death: 01 SEP 1916 Wilcox County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: James M Outlaw

Mother: Harriett McGee

Name: Joseph Wesley Outlaw

Birth: 20 Aug 1847 North Carolina

Death: November 3 1895 North Carolina

Father: Wilson Outlaw

Mother: Penelope "Penny" Mizell

Name: Joseph Outlaw

Birth: abt 1851 Brownsviille, Haywood, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 January 1916 Oil Trought Bottoms, Independence, Arkansas, USA

Father: Joseph outlaw

Mother: Mary Wallace

Name: Joseph C. Outlaw

Birth: Jan 1874 Georgia, USA

Death: 21 Jun 1949 Jackson, Alabama

Father: James Raford Outlaw

Mother: Angel Anna Willis

Name: Joseph B Linear Outlaw

Birth: abt 1855 North Carolina

Death: 30 Oct 1932 Bertie, North Carolina, USA

Father: Madison Outlaw

Mother: Sarah Frances Ryan Jones

Name: Joseph Wesley Outlaw

Birth: April 11 1917 North Carolina

Death: 12 JAN 1968 1403 S King St, Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Wilson "Bud" Outlaw

Mother: Alberta Caroline "Allie Carrie" Outlaw

Name: Joseph Orison Outlaw

Birth: 16 Jul 1880 Saybrook, Illinois, USA

Death: 10 Mar 1937 Dale, McLean, Illinois

Father: William W Outlaw

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth "Elizabeth" Cales - Outlaw

Name: Joseph or Joel Outlaw

Birth: Nov 1808 SOUTH CAROLINA

Death: 1850/1860 HENRY CO. AL

Father: JOHN (B88)(O1161-6) (5_CHILDREN) OUTLAW

Mother: Bethsheba LNU (Outlaw)

Name: Joseph Whitfield OUTLAW

Birth: 18 Mar 1822 Duplin, North Carolina

Death: 3 May 1883 Duplin, North Carolina

Father: Lewis Outlaw

Mother: Elizabeth WHITFIELD Outlaw

Name: Joseph Outlaw

Birth: 14 Jun 1917 Prairie Point, Noxubee County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 16 Dec 1994 Macon, Noxubee, Mississippi, USA

Father: Charlie Outlaw

Mother: Irene Sanders

Name: Joseph Lafaitt "Joe" OUTLAW

Birth: 17 February 1877 Oil Trough Bottoms, Independence, Arkansas, USA

Death: 19 May 1945 Oil Trough Bottoms, Independence, Arkansas, USA

Father: Joseph Outlaw

Mother: Nannie Cathren

Name: Joseph William Outlaw

Birth: 14 Oct 1926 Detroit, Michigan

Death: 1 Dec 1967 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: William Outlaw

Mother: Mary Louise Jarrett

Name: Joseph Outlaw

Birth: May 1876 Tennessee

Death: Not Available

Father: Joseph Outlaw

Mother: Cena Crowder

Name: Joseph Outlaw

Birth: Feb 1897 North Carolina

Death: 30 OCT 1958 Bertie County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Henry Outlaw

Mother: Effie Ward

Name: Joseph Benjamin Outlaw

Birth: 24 JAN 1873 Pike, Alabama, United States

Death: 21 Aug 1939 Pike, Alabama, United States

Father: Abud Harrison Outlaw

Mother: Alice Jane Williamson

Name: Joseph Outlaw

Birth: 22 Aug 1887 Duplin County, North Carolina

Death: 26 June 1938 Kenansville, Duplin, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Warren Outlaw

Mother: Susan Ann Summerlin

Name: Joseph Woodson OUTLAW

Birth: 1815 Jefferson City, Jefferson, Tennessee, United States

Death: 07 Feb 1890 Cahaba, Dallas County, Alabama, USA

Father: Alexander Smith Outlaw

Mother: Jane Tucker WOODSON

Name: Joseph E J Outlaw

Birth: Abt 1865 Albertson, Duplin County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1895 Albertson, Duplin, North Carolina

Father: Joseph Whitfield OUTLAW

Mother: Anne Eliza Simmons

Name: Joseph I. Outlaw

Birth: Abt. 1832 Bertie County, North Carolina, USA

Death: Bef 1880

Father: John Alexander Outlaw

Mother: Ann Mary Hunter

Name: Joseph Franklin Outlaw

Birth: 18/10/1883 Kershaw County, South Carolina, USA

Death: 08 Feb 1949 Lee County, South Carolina, USA

Father: William Joseph Outlaw

Mother: Janie (Jane) Moore

Name: Joseph Lewis Outlaw

Birth: 19 March 1900 Dover, Craven, North Carolina, USA

Death: 14 May 1952 Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina

Father: Lewis Henry Outlaw

Mother: Elizabeth Ann (Bettie Ann) Vause

Name: Joseph Newton Outlaw

Birth: 4 Nov 1882 Berrien, GA

Death: 16 Jun 1963 Berrien, GA

Father: William H Outlaw

Mother: Mary Frances Carroll

Name: Joseph Whitfield Outlaw

Birth: 20 July 1915 Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 26 January 1982 Orange, Orange County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Dr Joseph Whitfield Outlaw

Mother: Mayme THULEMEYER

Name: Joseph W Outlaw

Birth: 30 Apr 1894 North Carolina

Death: 14 May 1973 Kinston, Lenoir, North Carolina

Father: David Nunn

Mother: Lillie Cora Hinson

Name: Joseph outlaw

Birth: Abt. 1816 Gates County, North Carolina

Death: 1891 Texas, USA

Father: Lewis Outlaw

Mother: Private

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