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Name: John Glover

Birth: 1805 Devon, England

Death: 29 Jan 1881 Thompson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

Father: Richard Glover

Mother: Frances MARLIN

Name: John Montgomery Glover

Birth: 4 September 1822 Harrodsburg, Mercer County, KY

Death: 15 NOV 1891 Glover homestead near Newark, Knox County, MO

Father: Col John Glover

Mother: Frances "Fanny" Taylor

Name: John Glover

Birth: abt 1818 Knowle, Warwickshire, England

Death: 5 Sep 1895 Kiera Station, New South Wales, Australia

Father: John Glover

Mother: Elizabeth Aubery

Name: John Wesley Glover

Birth: 29 DEC 1864 Windham Twp, Norfolk Co, ON

Death: 31 Jul 1948 Hamilton Ontario Canada

Father: Joseph Beemer Glover

Mother: Eleanor Muma

Name: John Brown Glover

Birth: 15 Sep 1889 St Helena, Napa, California, USA

Death: 19 Aug 1963 Carson City, Nevada, USA

Father: Alexander Fulton Glover

Mother: Rosa M. Brown

Name: John Heyward Glover

Birth: 11 Dec 1839 Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Death: 1 March 1916 Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia, USA

Father: John Heyward Glover

Mother: Jane Porter Bolan

Name: John Richmond Glover

Birth: 28 Mar 1893 Bainbridge, Decatur, Georgia, USA

Death: 19 Mar 1951 Cairo, Grady, Georgia, United States

Father: Zachariah Taylor Glover

Mother: Julia Ann Lashley

Name: John William Glover

Birth: Sept 25, 1898 Crump, Tennessee, USA

Death: Dec 19, 1968 International Falls, Koochiching, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Joseph Daniel Glover

Mother: Lula Nancy Vaughn

Name: John Summers Glover

Birth: Jan 1862 Willenhall, Staffordshire, England

Death: 08 May 1950 Willenhall, Staffordshire, England

Father: Benjamin Glover

Mother: Precilla Summers

Name: John C GLOVER

Birth: 03 Oct 1834 Broylesville, Washington, Tennessee, USA

Death: 16 Mar 1914 Saline, Miller, Missouri, USA

Father: William B Glover

Mother: Jane Lanier

Name: John Jackson Glover

Birth: 22 Aug 1845 Spring Place, Murray, Georgia, USA

Death: 22 Apr 1919 Faulkner, Arkansas, United States

Father: Wiley Washington Glover

Mother: Agnes "Aggie" Bagley

Name: John "Buggs" Gilliland Glover

Birth: 27 Mar 1891 Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA

Death: 17 Jan 1946 Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA

Father: John Mitchell Wiley Glover

Mother: Sarah Agnes Elizabeth Gilliland

Name: John Washington Glover

Birth: 24 May 1866 Rowan County, North Carolina

Death: 8 November 1938 Rowan County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Abraham Monroe Glover

Mother: Mary Ann Miller

Name: John Franklin Glover

Birth: 16 September 1845 Hartleton, Union, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 Jan 1921 Sibley, Osceola County, Iowa, USA

Father: William Glover

Mother: Eliza Fisher

Name: John or Johnny Glover

Birth: 01 Oct 1855 Sydney NSW

Death: 26 oct 1937 Windfall " Manilla , New South Wales , Australia

Father: John Glover

Mother: Martha Jane MCCROSSIN

Name: John P Glover

Birth: 1827 Tennessee, USA

Death: 12 Jan 1863 Smith, Cleveland, Arkansas, United States

Father: Daniel T Glover

Mother: Catherine Glover

Name: John Charles Glover

Birth: March 27, 1860 Ontario, Canada

Death: June 5, 1930 Fitzgerald, Ben Hill, Georgia

Father: David GLOVER

Mother: Margaret Morrison

Name: John Thomas ("Jack") Glover

Birth: 24 Jul 1902 Hougham, Lincolnshire, England

Death: 8 Sep 1988 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England

Father: William Hawley Glover

Mother: Selina Beaver

Name: John Milton Glover

Birth: 23 Jun 1852 MO

Death: 20 Oct 1929 Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado, United States of America

Father: Samuel Taylor Glover

Mother: Mildred Ann Buckner


Birth: ABT 1862 Ireland

Death: 19 Oct 1932 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow

Father: John Glover

Mother: Anna ross

Name: John Bowen Glover

Birth: 4 Mar 1833 Northeast, Orange, Indiana, USA

Death: 25 March 1911 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA

Father: Thomas Gaddis Glover

Mother: Eliza Steele Elgin

Name: John Todd Glover

Birth: 15 Mar 1862 Burnett, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 1948 Kentucky, USA

Father: Samuel John Glover

Mother: Nancy Joan Crooker

Name: John Glover

Birth: 1822 Kilarney County , Armagh , Northern Ireland

Death: 4 Apr 1897 Bendemeer, New South Wales, Australia

Father: William Glover

Mother: Elizabeth Glover (m. William Glover)

Name: John Guernsey Glover

Birth: 23 Sep 1872 Thompson, Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Mar 1922 Thompson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Daniel W. Glover

Mother: Mary Louise Penn

Name: John William Glover

Birth: 21 Jan 1896 Texas

Death: 07 Dec 1971 Baytown, Harris Co., TX

Father: Felix W Glover

Mother: Fannie Cordelia Payne

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