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Name: John Holgate

Birth: 23 May 1834 Coxton,,Pennsylvania,USA

Death: 1898 Chinchilla, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Henry HOLGATE

Mother: Sarah Phillips

Name: John Holgate

Birth: Apr 1843 Grindleton, Yorkshire

Death: 29 Dec 1921 WEST BRADFORD, Yorkshire, , England

Father: Robert Holgate

Mother: Mary Green

Name: John Holgate

Birth: April 1873 Newbiggin, Westmorland, England

Death: 30 Jan 1909 Brentford, Middlesex

Father: William Holgate


Name: John Richard Holgate

Birth: 9 May 1884 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Death: 7 Feb 1940 Sheffield, Yorkshire England

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Christiana Moss

Name: John Hyrum Holgate

Birth: 1 March 1856 Oldham, Lancashire, England

Death: 3 March 1935 Arcadia, Duchesne, Utah, United States

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Martha Binns

Name: John Willie Holgate

Birth: 1892 Otley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 19 Apr 1978 Otley, Yorkshire, England

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Annie Jordan

Name: John Holgate

Birth: 1774 Yorkshire, England

Death: 26 Mar 1843 Greenhead, Sawley, Lancashire, England

Father: John holgate

Mother: Ann Tasker

Name: John holgate

Birth: 1749 Sawley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 12 Dec 1831 Sawley in Clitheroe, Yorkshire, England

Father: john holgate

Mother: Jane Cook

Name: John Hyrum Holgate

Birth: 1 Mar 1879 Beaver, Beaver county, Utah

Death: 13 Jan 1954 Los Angeles county, California

Father: John Hyrum Holgate

Mother: Mary Elizabeth LeBaron

Name: John Alexander HOLGATE

Birth: 04 Apr 1845 Woowlich, Kent, England

Death: 10 Nov 1933 Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

Father: Robert Holgate

Mother: Mary McCoy

Name: John William Holgate

Birth: 21 Jul 1875 Baxenden, Lancashire, England

Death: 9 July 1939 New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Richard Holgate

Mother: Agnes Makin

Name: John Wyndham Holgate

Birth: 1794 Navestock, Essex, England

Death: 1 Sep 1871 Sussex, United Kingdom

Father: George Holgate

Mother: Ann Salisbury

Name: John Douglas Holgate

Birth: 28 Aug 1944 Roosevelt, Duchesne, Utah

Death: 13 Dec 2017 Altonah, Duchesne, Utah, United States

Father: Frank Leo Holgate

Mother: Leona Eldorus (Nona) Bell

Name: John Holgate

Birth: 25 Oct 1868 Prees, Shropshire, England

Death: 13 Nov 1945 Liverpool South, Lancashire, England

Father: Benjamin Holgate

Mother: Amelia Sophia Overall

Name: John Elijah Holgate

Birth: SEPT 15,1894 Pawtucket,Providence Co.RI

Death: APRIL 1982 Pawtucket,RI

Father: John Elijah Holgate

Mother: Agnes Parkinson

Name: John Holgate

Birth: 06 Sep 1836 Chapel Allerton, St Matthew, Yorkshire, England

Death: 6 Jan 1907 Shipley, Bradford, Yorkshire

Father: William Holgate Holdgate Howgate

Mother: Mary Fletcher

Name: John Holgate

Birth: 1776 Yorkshire, England

Death: 1850 Yorkshire, England

Father: John holgate

Mother: Ann Tasker

Name: John William Holgate

Birth: 07 Mar 1895 Crowle, Lincolnshire, England

Death: 25 Jun 1963 19 Justice Hall Lane, Crowle

Father: Thomas William Holgate

Mother: Clara Cranidge Tune

Name: John Aitken Holgate

Birth: 13/08/1922 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Death: 6 Aug 2002 Durham Central, Durham, England

Father: James Holgate

Mother: Jeannie Aitken

Name: John Edwin Holgate

Birth: 1884 West Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Death: 15 MAR 1955

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Sarah Ann Mercer

Name: John Holgate

Birth: 1796 Halifax, Yorkshire, England

Death: Mar 1857 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Father: jonathan holgate

Mother: Elizabeth Garforth

Name: John James Holgate

Birth: 17 Oct 1882 Oswaldtwistle Lancashire

Death: 02 Jun 1963 70 Mount Harry Road, Sevenoakes, Kent, England

Father: Ellis Holgate

Mother: Isabella Ann Rawcliffe

Name: John James Holgate

Birth: 02 Nov 1892 Lancashire, England

Death: 16 Apr 1950 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States of America

Father: John HOLGATE

Mother: Barbara E Harrison

Name: John Holgate

Birth: abt 1871 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Death: 28 Jan 1932 Riding, Northumberland, England

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Louisa Bell

Name: John HOLGATE

Birth: Before 7 Feb 1824 Witham, Essex, England

Death: Jan 1865 Tollesbury, Essex, England

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Mary Chapman (Holgate)

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