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Name: Jessie Harriet Balls

Birth: 17Jan1886 COLCHESTER Essex England

Death: 11Mar1949 Brisbane Queensland Australia

Father: Joseph Thomas Balls

Mother: Louisa Helena Eleanor Arthy

Name: Jessie Emma Balls

Birth: abt 1854 Lambeth

Death: July 1890 Islington, London, United Kingdom

Father: Charles Balls

Mother: Jessie M Unknown

Name: Jessie Amy Balls

Birth: ABT 1881 Hadleigh, Essex, England

Death: Not Available Rochford, Essex, England

Father: John William Balls

Mother: Maria Jarman

Name: Jessie Millicent Balls

Birth: 21 Feb 1926 Suffolk, England

Death: 2 Apr 1987 Chelmsford, Essex, England

Father: Harold Newson Balls

Mother: Dorothey Alice Cresswell

Name: Jessie Louisa Balls

Birth: 22 Dec 1866 Colchester, Essex, England

Death: 12 May 1934 Surrey, England

Father: Henry Balls

Mother: Elizabeth Jackson

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: May 1893 Kentucky, USA

Death: 11 Mar 1969 Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Father: William Marion Balls

Mother: Martha Emilye Addington

Name: jessie balls

Birth: 1879 116 stotion st. aldeburgh

Death: Not Available

Father: francis balls

Mother: lizer balls

Name: Jessie BALLS

Birth: Abt 1864 Beccles, , Suffolk, England

Death: 1947 Brentwood, Essex, England

Father: James Balls

Mother: Mary Ann CUSHION

Name: Jessie May Balls

Birth: 18 Apr 1901 Suffolk, England

Death: Dec 1978 Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

Father: charles edward balls

Mother: Rosa Jane Tripp

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: 9 Jul 1893 Lidgate, Suffolk, England

Death: Jun 1967 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England

Father: John Henry Balls

Mother: Annie Elizabeth Leach

Name: Jessie Phyllis Louisa Balls

Birth: 15 May 1903 Leiston, Suffolk, England

Death: 16 Apr 1989 Larkfield, Maidstone, Kent, England

Father: George Balls

Mother: Ada Maria Whiting

Name: Jessie A Balls

Birth: Oct 1882 Colchester, Essex, England

Death: April 1905 Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

Father: George Balls

Mother: Phylis Jolly

Name: Jessie Irene Balls

Birth: 19 Apr 1906 West Ham, Essex, United Kingdom

Death: 15 Dec 1993 leyton, London, England

Father: John James Balls

Mother: Ellen Brewster

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: abt 1880 Kensington, Middlesex, England

Death: April 1881 Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Father: Thomas Henry Balls

Mother: Elizabeth Balls

Name: Jessie Hannah Balls

Birth: 5 Nov 1902 Cromer, Norfolk, England

Death: 21 Oct 1995

Father: Richard Balls

Mother: Hannah Coe

Name: Jessie Isabel Balls

Birth: Jul 1900 St Pancras

Death: Jul 1901 St Pancras, London

Father: Edwin Henry Hardy Balls

Mother: Eliza Bowen

Name: Jessie Alice Balls

Birth: 02 Jan 1913 Great Yarmouth,Norfolk

Death: Mar 1980 Waveney, Suffolk

Father: Ethelbert Balls

Mother: Florence Mary Chilvers

Name: jessie balls

Birth: 1887 Marylebone, London

Death: January 1890 Marylebone, London

Father: David Henry Balls

Mother: Eliza Chappell

Name: Jessie Flora BALLS

Birth: abt 1899 Sprowston, Norfolk

Death: Not Available

Father: Frank Balls

Mother: Jessie Maria DUNBAR

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: 14 Aug 1869 Tranmere, Cheshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: James Balls

Mother: Caroline Murrell

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: abt 1890 Chingford, Essex, England

Death: Not Available

Father: John Joseph Balls

Mother: Martha Ann Balls

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: ABT 1878 Knoddishall, Suffolk, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Francis Balls

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Cooper

Name: Jessie Florence Balls

Birth: abt 1906 CAMBERWELL, London, England

Death: Not Available

Father: James Balls

Mother: Jessie Florence Shand

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: abt 1882 Woolpit, Suffolk, England

Death: Not Available

Father: James Balls

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Hoddy

Name: Jessie Balls

Birth: abt 1874 Lowestoft, Suffolk, England

Death: Not Available

Father: William Clarke Balls

Mother: Frances Pitcher

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