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NAME: James Proctor

BIRTH: abt 1840 Somersby, Lincolnshire, England

DEATH: Sep 1922 Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding, England

FATHER: Thomas Proctor


NAME: James Anderson Proctor

BIRTH: 23 Apr 1849 Middle, Dickson, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 1901 Kirksville, Adair, Missouri, United States

FATHER: Josiah Joseph Proctor

MOTHER: Martha Ann Owens

NAME: James W Proctor

BIRTH: 17 Nov 1843 Knox, Missouri, United States

DEATH: 29 NOV 1925 Palmyra, Marion, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Montgomery M Proctor

MOTHER: Lucy Jane Wood

NAME: James Dillon Proctor

BIRTH: 17 March 1877 Marion, Florida, United States

DEATH: 29 DEC 1966 Summerfield, Marion Co, Florida

FATHER: Alfred Daniel Proctor

MOTHER: Nancy Ophelia Madora Leitner

NAME: James Ernest PROCTOR

BIRTH: 7 June 1891 Neosho County, Kansas, USA

DEATH: 5 December 1938 Stockton, California

FATHER: James "Mitchell" Madison Proctor

MOTHER: Lucretia Catherine Brown

NAME: James Wilburn Proctor

BIRTH: 28 November 1837 Jackson County, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 23 Oct 1919 Jackson Co, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Samuel Forbes Proctor

MOTHER: Margaret Ann Donathan

NAME: James Turner Proctor

BIRTH: 04 Dec 1858 Tippah Co, Mississippi

DEATH: 1 Nov 1951 Lavon, Collin Co., Texas, USA

FATHER: Robert Augustus Proctor

MOTHER: Sarah D. Whitener

NAME: James Stanley Proctor

BIRTH: 16 Jul 1883 Spalding, Lincolnshire, England

DEATH: 19 Jan 1933 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England

FATHER: William Proctor

MOTHER: Maria Whelpton

NAME: James Elzy Proctor

BIRTH: 01 Nov. 1897 Polk, Polk, Missouri

DEATH: 18 Sep 1946 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

FATHER: George Proctor

MOTHER: Sevilla Emaline Dolson

NAME: James G Proctor

BIRTH: March 19, 1864 Genesee Wisconsin

DEATH: 02 May 1909 Waukesha, Waukesha, WI, USA

FATHER: James Proctor

MOTHER: Sarah Ann Tittle

NAME: James Madison Proctor

BIRTH: 28 June 1837 Mesopotamia, Trumbull County, Ohio, United States of America

DEATH: 20 Dec 1905 Lake City, Missaukee, Michigan

FATHER: Alonzo Proctor

MOTHER: Leah B Bower

NAME: James Ernest Selvia Proctor

BIRTH: 27 May 1903 Linton, Greene, IN, USA

DEATH: 19 Nov 1982 Reelsville, Putnam, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Ernest Otto Proctor


NAME: James A. Proctor

BIRTH: 4 August 1848 Grey County, KY, USA

DEATH: 26 Apr 1916 Glen Elder, Mitchell, Kansas, USA

FATHER: William Dodson Proctor

MOTHER: Rachel Anderson

NAME: James Marion PROCTOR

BIRTH: 03 Mar 1837 Union Township, Marion County, Missouri

DEATH: 5 Jun 1910 Monroe City, Marion, Missouri, United States

FATHER: Columbus Singleton Proctor

MOTHER: Eleanor J "Ellen" Wood

NAME: James Andrew Proctor

BIRTH: 12 May 1870 Union Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 24 July 1936 Erie County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

FATHER: Levi A Proctor

MOTHER: Lavina Thompson

NAME: James Elisha "Jim" Proctor

BIRTH: april 7, 1881 Tennessee

DEATH: 12 Aug 1977 Joelton, Davidson, Tennessee, United States of America

FATHER: James Henry David Proctor


NAME: James Howard Proctor

BIRTH: 30 Apr 1890 Denlow, Douglas, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 17 Apr 1960 Denlow Cem, Douglas, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Thomas Clingdon Proctor

MOTHER: Sarah Ann Harriett Glasco

NAME: James G. Proctor

BIRTH: 28 Jul 1819 TN, USA

DEATH: 25 Aug 1896 Olean, Miller, MO, US

FATHER: Nathan Proctor

MOTHER: Rachael Downing

NAME: James William Cantelo Proctor

BIRTH: 31 May 1819 Charlottetown Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada

DEATH: 27 Sep 1914 New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island, Canada

FATHER: George Proctor

MOTHER: Mary-Jane Cantelo

NAME: James Cowart Proctor

BIRTH: 18 January 1837 Bulloch County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 15 May 1905 Waycross, Pierce County, Georgia, United States of America

FATHER: William Abraham Proctor

MOTHER: Martha Cowart

NAME: James Proctor

BIRTH: 01 Aug 1814 Chipping, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 24 Jun 1882 Hadley, Lapeer, Michigan, USA

FATHER: James Procter

MOTHER: Mary Bradley

NAME: James Proctor

BIRTH: Dec 1890 Banbridge Parish, Portadown, Armagh, Ireland

DEATH: 9 February 1958 Belfast Co Antrim Northern Ireland

FATHER: Thomas Proctor

MOTHER: Margaret Sergant

NAME: James Proctor

BIRTH: 27 Sep 1840 Rugby, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 5 February 1926 Ansonia, New Haven, Connecticut


MOTHER: Mary Pearsall

NAME: James B Proctor

BIRTH: 1790 Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH: 16 Mar 1836 St Clair, Illinois, United States

FATHER: William Beauchamp Proctor

MOTHER: jane welch

NAME: James Alexander Proctor

BIRTH: 23 Jul 1829 Rockcastle, Kentucky

DEATH: 19 Nov 1912 Wise County, Texas

FATHER: David Brenneman Proctor

MOTHER: Lucy Hiatt Proctor