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Name: Harold Lockwood

Birth: 1868 Kensington, London

Death: 19 Jun 1966 Masterton, New Zealand

Father: Francis Day Lockwood

Mother: Eliza Lavinia RIDLEY

Name: Harold William Lockwood

Birth: 27 Jan 1910 Petersham, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 18 Jun 1988 Gosford, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Harold William Lockwood

Mother: Minnie Pearl Thew

Name: Harold Raymond Lockwood

Birth: 19 Aug 1900 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Death: 1983 Port Wakefield, South Australia, Australia

Father: Alfred Edwin Lockwood

Mother: Adelaide Agnes (Fanny) Smith

Name: Harold William Lockwood

Birth: 23 Dec 1888 Petersham, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 22 Sep 1955 Burwood, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Thomas Henry Lockwood

Mother: Harriet Louisa Evans

Name: Harold "Heavy" John Lockwood

Birth: 9 Nov 1920 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Death: 16 Aug 1990 Sedro-Woolley, Skagit, Washington, USA

Father: William Scott Lockwood

Mother: Molly Agnes Trahan

Name: Harold Franklin Lockwood

Birth: 30 May 1907 Lake, South Dakota, USA

Death: 2 December 1987 Salem, Mccook, South Dakota, USA

Father: James Franklin LOCKWOOD

Mother: Ruth Elizabeth Witter

Name: Harold Adna Lockwood

Birth: 12 Apr 1887 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States of America

Death: 19 Oct 1918 New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America

Father: William Lockwood

Mother: Jane Hartshorne Bowne

Name: Harold Everett Lockwood

Birth: 18 Apr 1873 Munderf, Jefferson Co., PA

Death: 8 January 1942 Orangedale, Bee County, Texas, USA

Father: Alfonso Leon Lockwood

Mother: Abigail Jane Carnahan

Name: Harold Lockwood

Birth: 20 Apr 1917 Marsden, Yorkshire, England

Death: 30 Jun 1986 Halifax, Yorkshire, England

Father: Ernest Lockwood

Mother: Esther Hall

Name: Harold Stanton Lockwood

Birth: 29 Nov 1857 Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 30 Oct 1930 Cumberland, Adams County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Washington Lockwood

Mother: Susanna Wilhelm

Name: Harold Lockwood

Birth: 07 Nov 1887 Austonley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 12 Oct 1916 Flanders & France

Father: Daniel Lockwood

Mother: Sarah Sophia Mosley

Name: Harold William Lockwood

Birth: 5 Jul 1921 Lindale, Floyd, Georgia, United States

Death: 20 Apr 1996 Dallas, Paulding, Georgia, United States of America

Father: Charles Lockwood

Mother: Bessie Jane Williams

Name: Harold Ellsworth Lockwood

Birth: 1919 Connecticut

Death: 9/15/2017 Hot Spring County, Arkansas, USA

Father: George E Lockwood

Mother: Margaret L Lockwood

Name: Harold Fredric Lockwood

Birth: 20 July 1897 Three Rivers, St. Joseph County, Michigan, United States of America

Death: 2 Mar 1987 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Father: Fred H Lockwood

Mother: Lydia Ann Jaqua

Name: Harold James (frank) Lockwood

Birth: 16 APR 1917 Oscawana On Hudson, New York, USA

Death: 28 FEB 1993 Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Father: Franklin Pierce Lockwood

Mother: Lena Irene Young

Name: Harold Lockwood

Birth: 26 Mar 1892 Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire

Death: May 1987 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

Father: John William Lockwood

Mother: Leveniah (Lavinia) Snowden

Name: Harold Hiram Lockwood

Birth: 25 Mar 1922 Lockport, Niagara, New York, USA

Death: 25 Feb 1990 Lockport, Niagara, New York, USA

Father: Hiram Smith Lockwood

Mother: Maie Lillian Wills

Name: Harold Augustus Lockwood

Birth: 3 Nov 1903 Sudbury - Suffolk

Death: Mar 1977 Wisbech, Norfolk, England

Father: Arthur Lockwood

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Jackson

Name: Harold Taylor Lockwood

Birth: Feb 2, 1902 Huddersfield, Yorkshire West Riding

Death: 2//3//1976 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Arthur Charles Lockwood

Mother: Caroline Taylor

Name: Harold J. Lockwood

Birth: 26 Feb 1881 NY

Death: Jun 1970 Schenectady Co., NY

Father: Jesse J. Lockwood

Mother: Dora (Isadora S) Shultis

Name: Harold Lockwood

Birth: Sep 1877 Goole, Yorkshire, England

Death: 05 Apr 1956 Sheffield, West Yorkshire, England

Father: George Lockwood

Mother: Caroline Templeman

Name: Harold Erwin Lockwood

Birth: 22 May 1907 Illinois



Mother: Maude Musetta Kreider

Name: Harold Mural Lockwood

Birth: 13 MAR 1910 Montgomery County, Illinois, USA

Death: 24 Feb 1988 Pana, Christian, Illinois, United States of America

Father: James Finley Lockwood

Mother: Myrtle Mae Bolds

Name: Harold D Lockwood

Birth: 8 May 1912 East Rutherford, Bergen, New Jersey, United States

Death: Dec 1977 Anderson, Anderson, South Carolina, United States

Father: Robert Orlando Lockwood

Mother: Bertha Jane Cole

Name: Harold Lockwood

Birth: 21 Dec 1882 Oakenshaw, Yorkshire, England

Death: Jun 1971 Bradford, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: Peter Lockwood

Mother: Annie Best

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