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Name: George L Shipley

Birth: 26 Dec 1888 Cambell, Texas

Death: 07 28 1974 Wilbarger, Texas

Father: Robert Leander Shipley

Mother: Margaret S Phipps

Name: George Shipley

Birth: 20 Sep 1726 Anne Arundel Co., Maryland

Death: June 12, 1789 Shipley Adventure, Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States

Father: Robert Shipley

Mother: Elizabeth Stevens

Name: George Raymond Shipley

Birth: 11 April 1900 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Death: 27 May 1979 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Father: George William "Billy" Shipley

Mother: Susan Jane Hughes

Name: George William "Billy" Shipley

Birth: 9 August 1875 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Death: 20 December 1956 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Father: William Henry SHIPLEY

Mother: Maria Elizabeth "Mary" KETTLER or KETLER

Name: George Washington Shipley

Birth: 15 Dec 1847 Ohio

Death: Nov 8, 1931 Whitley County, Indiana, USA

Father: Joseph Shipley

Mother: Jane Fleming


Birth: 9 Oct 1829 Ohio

Death: 28 March 1901 Grant County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: George Shipley

Mother: Sarah Griffith Gatrett Gattrell M / Shipley

Name: George Frederick Charles Fletcher Shipley

Birth: 07.03.1865 Dover, Kent, England

Death: 18.08.1947 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Francis Shipley

Mother: Emma Browning

Name: George Roller Shipley

Birth: 8 JAN 1839 Sullivan County, Tennessee

Death: 15 August 1917 Indian Springs, Sullivan, Tennessee

Father: William Park Shipley

Mother: Martha "Patsy" Roller

Name: George Thomas Shipley

Birth: 17 Jun 1869 Ozark County, Missouri

Death: 12 Feb 1949 Dora, Ozark County, Missouri, USA

Father: Jesse Pinkney Shipley

Mother: Mary Margaret Smith

Name: George Alfred Shipley

Birth: 8//8//1876 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 13 May 1952 Liverpool, NSW, Australia

Father: George Alfred Shipley

Mother: Mary Ann Roberts

Name: George Larkin Shipley

Birth: 16 Apr 1905 Toccoa, Ozark, Missouri

Death: 10 Feb 1978 St Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri

Father: George Thomas Shipley

Mother: Martha Caroline Owen

Name: George Shipley

Birth: 1788 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 15 Sep 1812 Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, USA

Father: Daniel Shipley

Mother: Eleanor Burnworth

Name: George Hubert Shipley

Birth: 1 Apr 1889 Russellville, "Dover Community"Hamblen Co, Tennessee, USA

Death: January 28, 1962 Morristown, Hamblen, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Thomas Shipley

Mother: Eliza J Baker

Name: George Dixon Shipley

Birth: 1872/03/28 Ogden,Weber,Utah

Death: 26 Jul 1954 Oak City, Millard, UT

Father: Thomas Shipley

Mother: Mary Ann Dixon

Name: George W Shipley

Birth: abt 1858 Maryland, USA

Death: 31 Dec 1934 Baltimore, Independent Cities, Maryland, USA

Father: George W Shipley

Mother: Loyal Anna Halderman

Name: George Marshall Shipley

Birth: Dec 1821 Richmond, Yorkshire, England

Death: 7 Apr 1895 Wingate, Durham, England

Father: Francis Marshall Shipley

Mother: Annie Thackwray

Name: George Shipley

Birth: 8 Sep 1903 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Death: 31 Mar 1976 Leeds, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Father: Thomas Shipley

Mother: Annie Elizabeth Mell

Name: George Reburn Shipley

Birth: 24 AUG 1896 Battle Creek, Ida, Iowa, USA

Death: 5 MAY 1984 Thurman, Fremont, Iowa, USA

Father: George W Shipley

Mother: Ella Naomi Estep

Name: George Edward Shipley

Birth: 11 February 1840 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Death: 12 November 1902 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Father: Isaac Shipley

Mother: Mary Ann Boyer

Name: George Washington SHIPLEY

Birth: 11 JAN 1845 Sullivan Co Mo

Death: 29 MAR 1928 Humphreys, Sullivan Co MO

Father: Thomas Shipley

Mother: Elizabeth Belle "Eliza" Douglass

Name: George Brown Shipley

Birth: 10 Jan 1858 Radcliffe, Lancashire, , England

Death: 9 Jan 1948 Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States

Father: Robert Burn Shipley

Mother: Sarah Brown

Name: George Edward Shipley

Birth: 16 Aug 1834 Maryland

Death: 11 Jan 1913 Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA

Father: Larkin Shipley

Mother: Aletha Jane Wilson

Name: George Harris Shipley

Birth: 19 Nov 1880 Mason County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1954 Mason County Kentucky

Father: Quincy Reason Shipley

Mother: Elizabeth C Rains

Name: George Bean Shipley

Birth: 20 August 1881 Jonesboro, Washington, Tennessee, United States

Death: July 29, 1939 Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee, USA

Father: Jesse x Milburn Shipley

Mother: Nancy Ann Brown

Name: George Patterson Shipley

Birth: 1 Aug 1836 Indiana, USA

Death: Oct 25, 1899 Madison County, Indiana, USA

Father: Peter Shipley

Mother: Nancy Ann Hipsley/Hepsley

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