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Name: Edith Marie Briscoe

Birth: 19 Jan 1909 Missouri

Death: 24 Oct 1993 Yorba Linda, Orange, California, USA

Father: Charles Barton Briscoe

Mother: Nellie Lenora Jones

Name: Edith Maude BRISCOE

Birth: 10 Sep 1903 Port Augusta, South Australia, Australia

Death: 2 Sep 1975 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia


Mother: Jane Elizabeth DEED

Name: Edith Lyle Briscoe

Birth: 16 Oct 1889 Greenfield, Dade, Missouri, USA

Death: 09 Sep 1928 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA

Father: Thomas Lindsey BRISCOE

Mother: Florence White

Name: Edith Fanny Briscoe

Birth: January 1866 Patty, Shropshire, England

Death: 23 February 1939 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Father: Samuel Briscoe

Mother: Sarah lawrance

Name: Edith Irene Briscoe

Birth: 6 November 1897 Grangeville, Idaho, Idaho, United States

Death: 14 October 1936 Nez Perce, Lewis, Idaho, United States

Father: Elijah John Briscoe

Mother: Minerva Ellen Motley

Name: Edith Alice Briscoe

Birth: 04 Dec 1881 Ingleton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Dec 1956 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Father: William Briscoe

Mother: Alice Dinsdale

Name: Edith Eliza Briscoe

Birth: Sep 1878 Lambeth, London, England

Death: Sep 1953 Camberwell, London, England

Father: Henry Briscoe

Mother: Mary Adelaide Bryant

Name: Edith Briscoe

Birth: Dec 1900 Lathom, Lancashire, England

Death: Dec 1970 Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

Father: James Briscoe

Mother: Elizabeth Forshaw

Name: Edith Marguerite Briscoe

Birth: 13 June 1902 Grainger County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 8 Nov 1996 Contra Costa County, California, USA

Father: Benjamin Edward Briscoe

Mother: Frances “Fannie” Louisa L “Lula” Cotner

Name: Edith Briscoe

Birth: 27 Jun 1901 18 Hill Street, Seaton Carew, Durham, England

Death: Jun 1977 Hartlepool, Durham, England

Father: George Briscoe

Mother: Elizabeth Hart

Name: Edith Almira Briscoe

Birth: 6 Mar 1894 Latham, Butler, Kansas, USA

Death: 19 Jul 1977 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, United States

Father: Charles Joseph Briscoe

Mother: Angeline Lauretta Vernon

Name: EDITH Mae Briscoe

Birth: 23 Mar 1902 Tennessee

Death: 31 Aug 1959

Father: Benjamin Edward Briscoe

Mother: Frances “Fannie” Louisa L “Lula” Cotner

Name: Edith Briscoe

Birth: 17 Aug 1898 96 North Edward Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Death: 15 May 1978 Barnoldswick Colne Lancs

Father: Richard Briscoe

Mother: Agnes Douthwaite

Name: Edith Briscoe

Birth: 1887 Yockleton, Shropshire, England

Death: 16 May 1917 Yockleton, Shropshire, England

Father: Thomas Briscoe

Mother: Charlotte Evans

Name: Edith Florence Maud Briscoe

Birth: 21 January 1892 Islington, London, England

Death: 22 Sep 1966 Lambeth, Greater London, England

Father: Edmond Edmonds Briscoe

Mother: Edith Caroline Voller

Name: Edith Briscoe

Birth: abt May 1878 St Helens, Lancashire, England

Death: abt 1 Jun 1934 St Helens Lancashire United Kingdom

Father: Thomas Briscoe

Mother: Ellen Leyland

Name: Edith Adella Briscoe

Birth: 04 May 1883 Fillmore, Minnesota, USA

Death: 15 May 1972 Stewartville, Olmsted, Minnesota, USA

Father: Charles Ashbury Briscoe

Mother: Rosanna E Callahan Briscoe

Name: Edith Caroline Briscoe

Birth: 15 Mar 1865 Plumstead, Kent, England

Death: 6 Oct 1922 Kensington, London, England

Father: Henry Whitby Briscoe

Mother: Caroline Anna Smyth

Name: Edith Briscoe

Birth: 18 May 1897 Liverpool Street, Salford (8d 184

Death: 31 Jan 1955 Royal Infirmary, Manchester

Father: William Thomas Briscoe

Mother: Martha Briscoe

Name: Edith Sarah Briscoe

Birth: 5 Nov 1872 Bromborough, Cheshire, England

Death: 14 Aug 1958

Father: William Briscoe

Mother: Sarah Birch

Name: Edith Marie Briscoe

Birth: 13 FEB 1909 Little River, Rice Co, Kansas

Death: 04 FEB 1986 Little River, Rice Co, Kansas

Father: Charles Edward Briscoe

Mother: Estella Marie Stowe

Name: Edith Briscoe

Birth: 1883 Moreton, Cheshire, England

Death: 1971 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Father: Joseph Parkinson Briscoe

Mother: Sarah Woodfin

Name: Edith G Briscoe

Birth: 29 May 1914 Powell, Kentucky, USA

Death: 29 January 1978 Winchester, Clark, Kentucky, USA

Father: Rev Cain Thomas Briscoe

Mother: Nannie Rankins

Name: Edith A Briscoe

Birth: 17 Jul 1894 Rhode Island

Death: 18 Apr 1998 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Father: Thaddeus Eames Brown

Mother: Sarah Evangeline Sekater Noka

Name: Edith Adelaide Briscoe

Birth: 15 Apr 1889 Islington, London, England

Death: Dec 1981 Redbridge, Greater London, England

Father: Frederick Briscoe

Mother: Laura Martha Baker

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