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Name: Ann Athaliah HOLGATE

Birth: 6 Apr 1815 Tilehurst, Berkshire, England

Death: 30/5/1904 Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Father: George Thomas Holgate

Mother: Ann Athaliah Warrick

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 20 Jan 1806 Hawksworth, West Yorkshire

Death: 1866 Menston, Yorkshire, England

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Mary Shackleton

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1817 Burnley, Lancashire, England

Death: 27 July 1895 Bradford Yorkshire

Father: Joseph Holgate

Mother: Mary Towers

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 12 Aug 1855 Troy, Haslingden, Blackburn, Lancashire

Death: 1915 Padiham, Burnley, Lancashire,England

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Charlotte MOSS

Name: Ann Elizabeth Holgate

Birth: 1857 Hatfield, Yorkshire, England

Death: 31 May 1875 Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: Charles Holgate

Mother: Martha Holgate

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: Aug 1843 Waddington, Yorkshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Ralf Holgate

Mother: Elizabeth Metcalf

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: abt 1825 Bromley, Middlesex, England

Death: Jan 1892 Forest Gate, London

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Ann Foster

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 17th May 1824 Eastby, Nr Skipton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Dec 1904 Skipton, Yorkshire, England

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Martha Heyworth

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 4 AUG 1605 Colne, Lancashire

Death: 1664 Haworth, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Florence, Barritt Banister

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1835 Miles, Manchester, Jamaica

Death: 1900 Burnley, Lancashire, , England

Father: Henry Holgate

Mother: Lavinia Yeates

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1817 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: 24 Sep 1897 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Isabella Fawcett

Name: Ann Atkinson Holgate

Birth: 1844 Castley, Yorkshire

Death: Sep 1909 Yorkshire - West Riding, United Kingdom

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Elizabeth Atkinson

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1830 Haxey, Lincolnshire, , England

Death: Dec 1910 Haxey, Lincolnshire, England

Father: John Holgate.

Mother: Ann Hannah Pilkington

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 11 Dec 1823 Colne, Lancashire, , England

Death: 1902 Salford, Lancashire, , England

Father: Elijah Holgate

Mother: Elizabeth Arnold

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1719 Long Preston, Yorkshire, England

Death: Deceased Wigglesworth Hall bur L.P

Father: Ann Holgate

Mother: Ann Nelson

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: abt 1815 Beverley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 1885 Hull, Yorkshire, England

Father: George Holgate

Mother: Ann Skern

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1837 Thornton In Craven, Yorkshire, England

Death: Mar 1863 Yorkshire - West Riding, United Kingdom

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Ellen Ridiough

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 14 Jun 1847 Mill Bank, Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Death: 21 Mar 1928 4 Edmondson Street, Barnoldswick, Yorkshire

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Hannah Foster


Birth: 1804 Great Driffield, Yorkshire, England

Death: 10 March 1883 Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire West Riding

Father: Edward HOLGATE

Mother: Martha Rush

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1838 Grindleton, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Death: 23 Feb 1868 Chatburn, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Father: Henry Holgate

Mother: Ann Worswick

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1847 Hull, Yorkshire, England

Death: 11 AUG 1889

Father: Thomas Edward Holgate

Mother: jane driffil

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1758 West Halton, Lincolnshire, England

Death: 1792

Father: william Edward Holgate

Mother: Ann HUDSON

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: 1866 Thornton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Ann Holdsworth

Name: Ann Holgate

Birth: Abt 1826 Barrowford, Lancashire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Betty Foulds

Name: Ann Holgate #

Birth: Jul 1849 Hayton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Mary Pluret #

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