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NAME: Alice C Pickard

BIRTH: 10 Jun 1852 Schroeppel, Oswego, New York, USA

DEATH: 01 Oct 1915 Schroeppel, Oswego, New York, USA

FATHER: Peter Pickard

MOTHER: Maria L. Hopper

NAME: Alice M Pickard

BIRTH: 19 August 1845 Pennsylvania

DEATH: 17 April 1914 McPherson, Kansas

FATHER: Andrew B. Pickard

MOTHER: Maria Lamb

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: 21 Nov 1883 Missouri

DEATH: 7 Oct 1962 St Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri

FATHER: James Wesley Pickard

MOTHER: Elizabeth A Taylor

NAME: Alice Ann Pickard

BIRTH: Jun 1854 High Thoresby, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 14 Dec 1923 Ripon, North Yorkshire, England

FATHER: James Pickard


NAME: Alice Enola Pickard

BIRTH: 6 May 1879 Illinois

DEATH: 24 Sep 1975 Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

FATHER: Frederick William Pickard

MOTHER: Enola Jane Howe

NAME: Alice Margaret Pickard

BIRTH: 13 AUG 1861 Hazaribagh, West Bengal, India

DEATH: 17 JUL 1894 Patna City, Gulzarbagh, India

FATHER: James Pickard

MOTHER: Esther Eliza White

NAME: Alice Louisa Pickard

BIRTH: 4 Dec 1881 Stroud, Gloucestershire

DEATH: 1974 Ardeley, Hertfordshire, England

FATHER: Thomas Pickard

MOTHER: Sarah Susannah Mary Chapman

NAME: Alice Ann Pickard

BIRTH: 12 Oct 1876 West Witton, Yorkshire

DEATH: 1956 Staincross, Yorkshire

FATHER: Henry Saville

MOTHER: Annie Pickard

NAME: Alice Elizabeth Pickard

BIRTH: 5 Sep 1910 Elpis, Oneida, New York

DEATH: 25 Jul 2005 Chittenango, Madison, New York

FATHER: William Hector Pickard

MOTHER: Ora C Dunham

NAME: Alice M Pickard

BIRTH: 9 Dec 1846 Illinois

DEATH: 20 Nov 1936 Washington, Oregon, United States

FATHER: John Tracy Pickard

MOTHER: Juliette Skinner

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: 12 Aug 1868 Bedworth, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: Jan 1907 Coventry, Warwickshire, England

FATHER: James J Pickard

MOTHER: sarah gascoigne

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: 1829 Thoresby, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: January 1911 Leyburn, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: William Pickard

MOTHER: Alice Boulton

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: 1859 Minden, Montgomery, New York, USA

DEATH: Oct 27, 1933 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, USA

FATHER: Robert W Pickard

MOTHER: Caroline C Yerdon

NAME: Alice May Pickard

BIRTH: 1877 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

DEATH: 1920 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

FATHER: George Pickard

MOTHER: Lucy Slocombe

NAME: Alice Ann Pickard

BIRTH: 24 Dec 1908 Stanley, Durham, England

DEATH: 27 Dec 2000 Stanley, Co Durham

FATHER: Harry Cossey Pickard

MOTHER: Elizabeth Neal

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: 25 Dec 1847 Bedworth, Warwickshire

DEATH: Apr/Jun 1924 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

FATHER: James Pickard


NAME: Alice Adelaide Pickard

BIRTH: 22 NOV 1854 New York

DEATH: 15 MAY 1884

FATHER: John Cuppinull PICKARD

MOTHER: Joanna Joan Pickard

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: 18 March 1893 Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: Dec 1976 Barnsley, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Thomas Henry Pickard

MOTHER: Mary Mayman

NAME: Alice Eleanor Pickard

BIRTH: July 1885 Brighton, Sussex, England

DEATH: 8 February 1951 Plympton, South Australia, Australia

FATHER: Frederick Nicholas Pickard

MOTHER: Louisa Morgan

NAME: Alice M Pickard

BIRTH: abt 1871 Michigan

DEATH: 6 Aug 1933 Bedford, Monroe, Michigan, USA

FATHER: William Pickard

MOTHER: Sarah S Smith

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: 1598 Weston, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: Dec 1643 Otley, Yorkshire, , England

FATHER: Christopher Pickard

MOTHER: Margaret Hitch

NAME: Alice Pickard

BIRTH: abt 1882 Carlton, Derbyshire, England

DEATH: Mar 1956 Rochdale, Lancashire, England

FATHER: Josiah Pickard

MOTHER: Priscilla Garforth

NAME: Alice Josephine Pickard

BIRTH: 22 Oct 1858 Robertson Co., Tennessee

DEATH: 9 May 1948 Springfield, Robertson County, Tennessee, United States of America

FATHER: James Anderson "Jesse" Pickard

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Baldwin

NAME: Alice Ann Pickard

BIRTH: Jul 1866 Royston, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 26/4/1930 Halifax, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Charles Pickard

MOTHER: Agnes Elizabeth Hill

NAME: Alice Caroline Pickard

BIRTH: Apr/Jun 1899 Bethnal Green

DEATH: 26 Dec 1957 Ilford, Essex

FATHER: John William Pickard

MOTHER: Alice Caroline COLWELL