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NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: 5 January 1895 New Jersey, USA

DEATH: 1919 New Jersey, USA

FATHER: Charles Edward Pitt

MOTHER: Ruth White

NAME: Alfred Ernest Marsh PITT

BIRTH: 1908 Kogarah, Sydney, New South Wales

DEATH: 29 Aug 1968 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



NAME: Alfred Alexander Pitt

BIRTH: abt 1894 Greater London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom

DEATH: 9 Oct 1918 France and Flanders

FATHER: Robert Alfred Pitt

MOTHER: Mary Ann Esther Holland

NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: Dec 1871 New York

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Siles Pitt

MOTHER: Fannie L Yeomans

NAME: Alfred Cyril Pitt

BIRTH: 30 Apr 1909 Bristol, England, United Kingdom

DEATH: 2 Nov 1981 Bristol, England, United Kingdom

FATHER: Alfred James William Pitt

MOTHER: Emily Beatrice Barr

NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: 1856 Birmingham Warwickshire

DEATH: 1920 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England

FATHER: john Pitt

MOTHER: Emma Bishop

NAME: Alfred James Pitt

BIRTH: 7 Sep 1904 Camberwell, London, England

DEATH: Jun 1978 Lambeth, Greater London, England

FATHER: William Pitt

MOTHER: Elizabeth Anne Collins

NAME: Alfred James Pitt

BIRTH: 13 Apr 1896 Edmonton, Middlesex, England

DEATH: Dec 1975 Enfield, Greater London, England

FATHER: James Pett

MOTHER: Alma Driver

NAME: Alfred John Pitt

BIRTH: Apr 1870 Wednesbury, Staffordshire

DEATH: 1943 Oct/Dec Gainsborough Lincolnshire

FATHER: Thomas Pitt

MOTHER: Mary Ann Downing Pitt

NAME: Alfred Lawrence Pitt

BIRTH: 28 June, 1887 Lambton, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 03 SEP 1963 Homeopathic Hospital 186 Glebe Road, Glebe, NSW, Australia

FATHER: Charles Pitts

MOTHER: Margaret May Atkins

NAME: Alfred Leslie Pitt

BIRTH: 10 October 1902 Richmond, Victoria, Australia

DEATH: 7 February 1955 Christmas Hills, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: William Leslie Pitt

MOTHER: Mary Ann Gray

NAME: Alfred James Pitt

BIRTH: March 1904 Camberwell South London

DEATH: Jun 1978 Lambeth London

FATHER: William Pitt

MOTHER: Elizabeth Anne Collins

NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: 19 May 1879 Walsall Staffordshire

DEATH: 1951 Jan/Mar Walsall Staffordshire

FATHER: Frederick Thomas Pitt


NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: 11 May 1839 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 80/18/ Aug Rupert Street Birmingham Warwickshire

FATHER: William Pitt

MOTHER: Matilda Vincent

NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: ABT SEP 1857 Kettlebaston, Suffolk, England

DEATH: 7 Jul 1922 Manchester, Lancashire, England


MOTHER: Eliza Manning

NAME: Alfred Rice Pitt

BIRTH: 11 Jan 1837 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 1873 Apr/Jun West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England

FATHER: Samuel Rice Pitt

MOTHER: Mary Ann Farrier

NAME: Alfred Percy Pitt

BIRTH: 21 January 1888 Gateshead, Durham, England

DEATH: June 1969 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

FATHER: Henry Pitt

MOTHER: Susan Harley

NAME: Alfred Charles Pitt

BIRTH: 27 April 1853 Dorset, England

DEATH: 29 Jan 1943 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Charles Weston


NAME: Alfred Henry Pitt

BIRTH: 27 Nov 1884 United Kingdom

DEATH: Sep 1976 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

FATHER: William Pitt

MOTHER: Angelina Sophia Scriven

NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: 1819 Jan/Mar Wolverhampton Staffordshire

DEATH: 1860 Oct/Dec Wolverhampton Staffordshire

FATHER: Thomas Pitt

MOTHER: Elizabeth West

NAME: Alfred John Pitt

BIRTH: 10 Mar 1884 Sandown Isle of Wight Hampshire

DEATH: 1965 Oct/Dec Ealing Middlesex

FATHER: Richard Henry Pitt

MOTHER: Emma Church

NAME: Alfred Herbert Pitt

BIRTH: 9 Dec 1883 Kingston, Surrey, England

DEATH: 1957 Surrey, England

FATHER: Charles William Pitt

MOTHER: Eliza Waterman

NAME: Alfred William Pitt

BIRTH: abt 1877 Thornton Heath, Surrey, England

DEATH: 20 Sep 1961 Surrey, England

FATHER: Charles Pitt

MOTHER: Eliza Ellen Casse


BIRTH: Mar 1864 Illinois, United States

DEATH: 21 Oct 1903 Des Plaines, Cook, IL, USA

FATHER: James Pitt

MOTHER: Mary Barchard

NAME: Alfred Pitt

BIRTH: 07/1852 Bath, Somerset, England, UK

DEATH: Dec 1925 Birmingham South, Warwickshire, England

FATHER: Henry Matthew Pitt

MOTHER: Isabella Short