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Name: Albert George W Holgate

Birth: 17 Sep 1862 Longford, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 2 Dec 1886 Longford, Tasmania, Australia

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Mary Ann Herbert

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: 27 July 1872 Worsthorn Burnley, Lancashire, England

Death: 12 July 1944 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Sarah Eccles

Name: Albert Victor Holgate

Birth: 29 Dec 1883 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Death: 6 Feb 1967 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Margaret Ann Batty

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: 6 July 1880 Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Death: 31st May 1917 France and Flanders

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Grace Field

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: 6 Sep 1870 Thackley near Idle, Yorkshire, England

Death: Sep 1945 Bradford, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: William F Holgate

Mother: Jane Holdsworth Holgate

Name: Albert George William Holgate

Birth: 20 APR 1887 Longford, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 23 FEB 1957 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia

Father: Albert George W Holgate

Mother: Ida Flora Shackcloth

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: 24 Jul 1878 Hunslet, Yorkshire, England

Death: Mar 1960 Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Father: Lewis Holgate

Mother: Caroline Eva Thorpe

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: Dec 1867 Bradford, England

Death: 09 Jan 1902 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Jane STOBART

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: 1864 Nelson Lancashire

Death: 28 Jan 1933 Lancashire, England

Father: James Holgate

Mother: Mary Brown

Name: Albert Nelson Holgate

Birth: Oct 1864 Henham, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England

Death: Dec 1934 West Ham, Essex, England

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Ann Watts

Name: Albert William Holgate

Birth: 1896 Halifax, Yorkshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Emily Holgate

Name: Albert Harold Holgate

Birth: 20 OCT 1889 Barberton, Transvaal

Death: 15 JUN 1966 Johannesburg

Father: Joseph Benjamin Holgate

Mother: Mary Anne Hook

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: abt 1883 Adlington, Lancashire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: William Holgate

Mother: Esther Haselden

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: abt 1863 Sutton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Jun 1926 Eastburn, Yorkshire, England

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Elizabeth Holgate

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: 8 Sep 1898 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Death: Dec 1966 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Father: Richard Holgate

Mother: Ellen Bolton

Name: Albert Patrick Holgate

Birth: 02/07/1927 Skipton, Yorkshire

Death: 09/02/2013 Riverside Gardens Nambucca Heads NSW Australia

Father: Benjamin Herbert Holgate

Mother: Sarah simons

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: October 1858 Barrowford, Lancashire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Thomas Holgate

Mother: Ann Hartley

Name: Albert Bernard Holgate

Birth: Apr 1892 Accrington, Lancashire, England

Death: 27 Feb 1959 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Father: John Holgate

Mother: Ellen Jane Richmond

Name: Albert Edwin HOLGATE

Birth: 13 Apr 1899 Tottenham, Middlesex, England

Death: 1972 Belper, Derbyshire, England

Father: Charles Albert HOLGATE

Mother: Eliza Alice STALLAN

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: 10 Mar 1914 Morley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 10 Mar 2005 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Father: Louis Holgate

Mother: Ethel Clough

Name: Albert Frederick (uncle bertie) Holgate

Birth: Dec 1872 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England

Death: 27 Apr 1961 Droxford, Hampshire, England

Father: frederick Holgate

Mother: Emily Ann Bunting

Name: Albert Edward Holgate

Birth: 2 Apr 1901 Manchester, Lancashire

Death: abt 1946 Nelson, Lancashire, England

Father: William Francis Holgate

Mother: Florence Whittaker

Name: Albert James Holgate

Birth: abt 1879 Haxey, Lincolnshire, England

Death: 29 Sep 1960 Don Valley, Yorkshire, England

Father: James Holgate

Mother: Mary Fawcett

Name: Albert Edward Holgate

Birth: 29 Nov 1906

Death: 26 Jan 2001 Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Father: James Edward Holgate

Mother: Sarah Jane Light

Name: Albert Holgate

Birth: June 1851 Southowram, Yorkshire, England

Death: 28 January 1889 Southowram, Yorkshire, England

Father: George Thomas Holgate

Mother: Private

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