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David Ballard


Basic Information

David Ballard
24 Nov 1793
Kershaw County, South Carolina
1 Dec 1883
Gordo, Pickens, Alabama
Time In Service
From: 6 Oct 1814
To: 4 Mar 1815


United States of America
Branch of Service
Not Specified
Current Status
Not Specified

Service Record

War of 1812
Not Specified

Honors & Awards

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David Ballard (1793 - 1883); War of 1812 Pension; Soldier: David Ballard, Widow: Martha Perry; Marriage Date: 26 Jan 1826, Date Enlisted: 6 Oct 1814; Date Discharged: 4 Mar 1815, Military Service Location: South Carolina; Pension Number - #1: SO 27997, Pension Number - #2: SC 19784, Bounty Land Number - #1: 28124 80 50, Bounty Land Number - #2: 32513 80 55, Roll number: 5, Archive Publication Number: M313,
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Pension Pg 12

David Ballard (1793 - 1883) of Gordo, Alabama; Pension Page 12
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David Ballard; husband of Mary Ann Perry
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Haddrell's Point Historic Marker

Haddrell's Point Historic Marker In early 1776, a battery was ercted at Haddrell's Point and placed under the command of Brigadier General John Armstrong. The stategic location of the battery was vital in safequarding Charleston from British attacks. With ceremonial fanfare, President George Washington embarked from Haddrell's Point to Charleston, during his Southern tour in 1791.
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Haddrell's Point

CAMP HADDERILL, HADDRELL'S POINT, MOUNT PLEASANT, CHARLESTON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA were Colonel Adam McWillie's 2nd Regiment of the South Carolina Militia was garrisoned. Haddrell's Point (formerly called Hadley's Point) is in Mount Pleasant, the point of land on the south side of the mouth of Shem Creek as it empties into Charleston Harbor. It is near Sullivan's Island and it is NorthEast of the South Carolina port of Charleston. Camp Haddrell was near the present 1812 monument in Mount Pleasant located between Royall Avenue and Carr Street. Also, spelled Haddrill's Point. There was a ferry there. Why did South Carolina soldiers meet there during the War of 1812? To protect Charleston from British attack. (There was no such attack this time, but the city had been invaded twice by the British during the Revolution.)
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General Society of the War of 1812

General Society of the War of 1812, Founded September 14, 1814, Metal Awarded to Recognized Descendants of Recognized Ancestors who served in the War of 1812
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David Ballard (1793 - 1883) of Gordo, Alabama

David Ballard (1793 - 1883) of Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama.

David Ballard, the son of David Ballard and Rebecca Parks, was born 24 Nov 1793, in Kershaw County, South Carolina and died 1 Dec 1883, in Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama. On 26 Jan 1826, in Camden, South Carolina, David Ballard married Martha Perry, the daughter of George Miller Perry.


During the War of 1812, on 6 Oct 1814, David enlisted as a private in Captain Chapman Levi’s Company of Rifleman, of Colonel Adam McWillie’s 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Militia at Camp Haddrell, near Charleston, South Carolina. On 4 Mar 1815, David was honarlbly discharged at Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina. Private David Ballard served for a total of six months.

Private David Ballard served at Charleston a great po...   [ Read more » ]

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