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Joseph Marble


Basic Information

Joseph Marble
23 Oct 1752
Bolton, Worcester, Massachusetts
01 FEB 1836
Fayston, Washington, Vermont
Time In Service
From: 28 April 1775
To: December 1777


United States of America
Branch of Service
Not Specified
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Current Status
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Service Record

American Revolutionary War
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Honors & Awards

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Joseph Marble Birth Bolten Massachusetts 1752

Massachusetts, Town Vital Collections, 1620-1988 Name: Joseph Marble Birth Date: 23 Oct 1752 Event Type: Birth Event City: Bolton Father Name: Benja Marble (Benjamin Marble) Mother Name: Marthew Marble (Martha Goss)
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Joseph Marble, American Revolution Veteran


Joseph Marble, American Revolution Veteran

Joseph MARBLE, son of Benjamin Marble and Martha Goss, was born November 24, 1752. He married Susannah BUTLER, who was born March 20, 1759, They came from Winchester, N. H., to Fayston, in 1809, and located in the northern part of the town, where he built the first saw-mill (1816 on the banks of Shepard Brook) in Fayston. The place is now owned by Mary J. FISHER, and passed out of the possession of the MARBLE family in 1882. Joseph MARBLE served in the war of the Revolution, and his grandson, Joseph D. MARBLE, now has the powder-horn which he then carried. He reared six sons and five daughters, viz.: Joseph, Elijah, Emery, Benjamin, John, Jacob, Susannah, Sylvia, Martha, Polly, and Cynthia. Jacob and Benjamin settled in Fayston. Jacob married Sarah MAY, and reared two sons, Joseph D. and George L., both of whom served in the late war. Joseph D. lost a leg at Gainsville, and George L. died in Libby pr...   [ Read more » ]

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American Revolution, Ancestrycom Military

American Revolution Image for Military Page
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Joseph Marble Family

Source: Gazetteer of Washington County, Vermont
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Transcription of the Declaration of Joseph Marble

Transcription of the 1832 Declaration of Joseph Marble State of Vermont, Washington County
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Declaration of Joseph Marble, Copy of Original

1832 Declaration of Joseph Marble in Washington County, Vermont, digital copy of original document, Microfilm: M805 Roll 551 File R6895 6 pages.
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Vermont Pension Certificate No 26015

Vermont Pension Certificate # 26015, Source: Series: M805 Roll: 551 Image: 579 File: R6895 Payments issued from Burmington, Washington County, Vermont
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Joseph Marble's Gravesite

Joseph Marble Gravesite at North Fayston Cemetery, Washington County, Vermont; Born: 23 Oct 1752 in Bolton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts and Died: 1 Feb 1836 in Fayston, Washington Co., Vermont (photo taken 21 Oct 2006)
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Benjamin Marble 1725 Pedigree Family Chart

Benjamin Marble's Pedigree and Family Chart depecting family members and ancestors with annotations of important historical events.
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NSSAR ACN 50589: Joseph Marble page 1

NSSAR approved apllication on 5 Nov 2012 for Joseph Marble of Fayston, Washington, Vermont by descendant, DeCody Brad Marlbe, Page 1
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NSSAR ACN 50589: Joseph Marble page 2

Page 2, back side of NSSAR approved application for Joseph Marble of North Fayston, Washington County, Vermont submitted by descendant, DeCody Brad Marble
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