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Melvin Lee


Basic Information

Melvin Lee
June 14, 1905
Nome, Barnes County, North Dakota
August 3, 1973
St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, FL
Time In Service
From: 1924
To: 1935


United States of America
Branch of Service
United States Marines
Not Specified
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Current Status
Not Specified

Service Record

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Honors & Awards


Certificate of Confirmation-Melvin Lee

Certificate of Confirmation
This is to certify that Melvin Lee born June 14th 1905 having been duly instructed in the doctrines of the Christian Religion, as confessed, taught, and believed by the
Norwegian Lutheran Church of America
And having formally professed faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and vowed obedience to Communion with St Peter Congregation, Nome, N. Dak. by the solemn rite of Confirmation on the 29th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty one. Signed by Pastors name (unreadable)
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Melvin's military service record #1

We have a Service Record of Melvin Lee, enlisted as Private November 3, 1924 to serve 4 years. Date of birth June 14, 1904 (this is what he wrote) Place of birth Nome, N. Dakota, and accepted for enlistment at Spokane, Wash. Occupation prior to entering military or naval service-Student-, with his Bona fide home or residence as Kathryn, N Dakota, and US citizenship. ID tag number NOV 3 1924 Name, relationship and address of person to be notified in case of emergency Grandmother Mary O. Lee. General Del., Kathryn, Barnes County, N. Dakota
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Melvin's Military Records @2 & small arms

We have a Service Record of Melvin Lee, enlisted as Private at Seattle, WA, January 15, 1929 to serve four (4) years. Date of birth - 14 June 1904. Place of birth - Nome, North Dakota. Occupation prior to entering military or naval service— Student. Bona Fide home or residence –Seattle, Wash. with US. Citizenship. Name, relationship and address of person to be notified in case of emergency—Mary O. Lee, “Mother” 311 Riverside Avenue, Valley City, North Dakota.
At the bottom of page in small print-15-Oct-1932Enl. Ext two years (2) to 14 Jan. 1935.
I find a commendation given to Melvin from Marine Corps Small Arms Firing School, Camp Curtis Guild, Wakefield, Mass, August 7, 1931. He is listed as Melvin Lee, Pfc. USMC is hereby awarded a CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY as evidence of having successfully completed the course of instruction at the MARINE CORPS SMALL ARMS FIRING SCHOOL, during the period 22 June 1931 to 7 August 1931. Signed by J. Jackson.
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Honorable Discharge

I also have a letter from
HEADQUARTERS U.S. MARINE CORPS, Washington, 9 May 1935.
Dear Sir;
Inclosed you will find the following insignia to which you are entitled for your service in the Marine Corps.
“Good Conduct Medal No. 96071”
Very sincerely yours, A.D. Rorex.
Melvin Lee, 8 Newhall Court, Wakefield, Mass.
Melvin was HONORABLY DISCHARGED by reason of expiration of term of enlistment.
Said Melvin Lee was born June 14, 1904, at Nome, N.D. and when enlisted 68 inches high, with Blue eyes, Brown hair, and Ruddy complexion, occupation Student, citizenship US.
Awarded good-conduct medal No 96071, award to take effect upon delivery of this certificate.
Given under my hand at Washington, DC this Twenty-seventh of February 1935. Delivered at M.B. Boston, Mass, this 4th day of March 1935. Character—Excellent.

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Melvin's school records

My latest update for Melvin Lee.
I received a call today from Lois Anderson, Superintendent of Schools in Bowman, ND.
She found only one reference to help? us.
Melvin Martinson, white, male, 6 years old, father is Olaf, is listed in the June 12, 1911 Eden School District Census records. There is NO records of him attending any school though anywhere in this area.
NOTICE; June 12, 1911 is census and he is 6 years old. His birthday is June 14,1905.
NOTICE; He is called Melvin Martinson by name. Father Olaf.
We only have one other reference to this time period. 1911 is a date listed on land recording that Josie and Olaf are husband and wife.
Remember she marries again in December, 1914.
Thank you. Joan
3238 SE 39TH AVE
Ocala, FL 34471

September 2005 (Upon return from Lee reunion)
Joan and Jim visited the Valley City Courthouse. Doris Chism of 38St 867-1581- helped us find this information on Melvin Lee.
Nome, North Dakota
Melvin Martinson attended school 1911-12 in 1st grad...   [ Read more » ]
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Personel and Conduct Records

I thought it might be interesting here to show where Melvin served and received his
Professional and Conduct Records
In November 1924 he was sent to San Diego, CA (I will do the best I can reading this). Transferred to another place there in Jan 17, 1925 and started his “Sea School Detachment”. He joined the “28th MG Co. 4th Regiment” in Feb 14, 1926. He was on the “Marine Detachment U.S.S. New Mexico” on and off, but mostly he is in this detachment up until he was transferred July 18, 1927. He joined “MD, Rac, Bks, NYS.PS, Washington” and stayed there until he joined with the group in Puget Sound, Washington in October 1928.
July 21, 1929 we find Melvin serving in Shanghai, China and back home again in April 13, 1931. He was transferred to “Marine Barracks, Quantico, Virginia” where he joined up with “Casval Detachment” on the “U.S.S. Chaumnont” in November 14, 1931. Back to Washington and California and back to the “Cas Det USS Sirius” in March 17, 1932, to Portsmouth, Virgi...   [ Read more » ]
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