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James (Jimmie) D Morton


Basic Information

James (Jimmie) D Morton
17 Apr 1924
Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, USA
15 Dec 2005
Providence Hospital - Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan, USA
Time In Service
From: Jan 1941 [age 16]
To: Jan 1968 [age 43]


United States of America
Branch of Service
Armor & Infantry Heavy Weapons [Browning]
Current Status
Retired Military [Deceased]

Service Record

WWII-12/07/41, until 1945 VE/VJ Day-Served With Black Engr Reg. Which Helped Build The Alaskan Alcan Hwy. Later, supported McAurthurs Island Hopping Return To The Phillipines***KOREAN WAR-1952-1953-WO-JG Awarded Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lt

Honors & Awards


uncle jimmie d009_1

Jimmie D. Morton being promoted from Master Sgt. & Sgt. Maj. to Warrant Officer JG. At the age of 16 Mr. Morton forged his grandmother's name, and, enlisted (Basic at Ft Bragg, NC - 41st Engr. Regt.) approx. 1 year prior to Pearl Harbor being bombed (i.e., 29 Jan 1941). After Basic he attended Company Clerk Schooling and was promoted to Corporal and was reassigned to the 97th Engr. Regt. (colored) at Camp Blanding, FL from Jun 1941 until Sep 1941. In Oct 1941 the 97th Engr. Regt was transfered to Alaska to help build the Alcan Hwy, and, he was promoted and worked as S/Sgt & Regt'l Message Center Chief until Nov 1944 (i.e., circa the completion of the Alcan Hwy). In late 1944 the members of the 97th were reassigned, and, Jimmie went to Camp Sutton NC, and, shortly thereafter he was assigned to the Pacific Theater Of Operations (i.e., New Guinea).
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The photo above is of Master Sergeant Jimmie D. Morton in Germany or Texas? After reassignment from the Alcan Hwy Project to Camp Sutton NC, later in 1944 Jimmie was assigned to New Guinea. In New Guinea he served with the 29th QM Group as T/Sgt & Chief Clerk. Sometime later in 1944 he was reassigned to the Philippines, and, once again, with the 29th QM Grp. In Feb 1945, at the age of 20, he was promoted to Master Sgt and was assigned the duties of Sgt Major. He served in the Philipines until 3rd Quarter 1945. He mustered out of the Army not too long after VJ Day (circa Sep/Oct 1945) and worked a short while in Franklin, TN as a Delivery Truck Driver. He re-enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Master Sergeant and was assigned the duties of Sergeant Major (450th AAA Battalion, El Paso TX) in approximately November 1945, and, continued military service as a Career Soldier.
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Warrant Officer - Junior Grade Jimmie D. Morton's M20 75mm Recoilless Rifle "Heavy Weapons Platoon" consisted of forty-four (44) troops operating four (4) M20 H.E.A.T. Weapons (i.e., High Explosive Anti-Tank Weapons).
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The photo above is of Warrant Officer JG or 2nd Lt. Jimmie D. Morton. Jimmie was assigned in Korea as a Motor (Pool) Officer/Unit Administrator serving 35 miles from the Front Line. Jimmie volunteered to lead a Heavy Weapons Platoon (i.e., M20 75mm Recoilless Rifles HEAT) at the Front Line and, engaged in combat operations in the "Iron Triangle" area. On 26 Nov 1952 Jimmie was awarded a "Battlefield Commission" as a 2nd Lt., and, on 2 Mar 1953 he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.
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"Geronimo" Mascot Of The 510th Heavy Tank Battalion

STARSandSTRIPES (Photo Of The Day From The Stripes Archives - July 15, 2006) Frankfort, Germany, August 29, 1954: Sgt. Roy Innes leads Private "Allen T. Geronimo" - RA# 12345678, a baby buffalo, past an Honor Guard and band at the Rhein-Main airport. Geronimo was brought in from Allentown, Pennsylvania as the mascot of the 510th Heavy Tank Battalion. Geronimo resided with Company "B" and he was no longer a "Baby Bison" when Jimmie Morton took command of Company "B" years later in the 1950s.
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Honor Guard Commander Captain Jimmie D. Morton (4th Medium Tank Battalion, 37th Armor) and Major General J. E. Bastion, Jr. greeting arriving dignitary, Assistant Secretary Of Defense Paul R. Ignatius, at Godman Air Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky..
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The late James "Jimmie" D Morton Jr (Major, U. S. Army, Retired), Buffalo Soldier, and the late Mrs. Carey (Beal) Morton (DoD Teacher at Naha Elementary School 1965 to 1967). They resided at 434 Washington Street, Machinato Military Housing Area, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa, Islands Of the Ryukyu's along with their two (2) teenage sons, Maurice and Michael Morton.
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Jan 1968 Retirement Ceremony For Maj. James (Jimmie) D. Morton - U. S. Army 28th Artillery Group [The 28th Artillery Group commanded the extensive N.O.R.A.D. Nike Ajax & Nike Hercules Missile Installation located just outside of Detroit at Selfridge Air Force Base, Mt. Clemens, MI.] .
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Jan 1968 Retirement Ceremony For Maj. James (Jimmie) D. Morton - U. S. Army 28th Artillery Group. The 28th fitted its Nike ground to air missiles with low kiloton nuclear warheads capable of destroying an entire Russian bomber group, without causing extensive nuclear fallout over the Metro Detroit area.
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James (Jimmie) D. Morton - Branch Manager & Regional Loan Officer Of Detroit's Bank Of The Commonwealth (later employed by Comerica Bank via their 1984 acquisition of Bank Of The Commonwealth) - Elected President Of The Urban Bankers Forum [i.e., The Association Of Detroit Black Bankers], circa 1972
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Major James D. Morton - age 81, United States Army, Retired, At a 2005 VFW Memorial Ceremony directed by VFW Post #1370, Pontiac, Michigan where Jimmie's eldest son, Maurice, a Vietnam Era Combat Assault Helicopter Pilot, was the Post's Commander.
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06 Jan 1958 until 1961 - 1st Lt. / Captain Jimmie D. Morton served in these various positions: Liaison Officer, Tank Unit Commander, Asst Adj Armor Group, Exec. Officer, Company "B" Commander, HQ Company Commander, and Battalion Adjutant - 510th Heavy Tank Battalion (redesignated 3rd Medium Tank Battalion of the 35th Armor). In the very early 1950s the 10th Cavalry Regt. (Buffalo Soldiers) was removed from the 2nd Cavalry Division and its Regimental History and Regimental Colors were redesignated to the 510th Heavy Tank Battalion. In 1954 the good people of Allentown, PA gave the battalion a 100 pound baby Buffalo i.e., an American Bison, which was named Private "Allen T. Geronimo" - RA# 12345678. Prior to joining the 510th Heavy Tank Battalion Jimmie Morton was assigned to Company "B", 371st Armored Infantry Battalion at Nuremberg and Worms, Germany. All of Sullivan Barrack's tanks were mobilized and sent via the autobahn to Berlin when the East Germans built the Berlin Wall circa August 1961.
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Master Sergeant Jimmie D. Morton [far left] and fellow Noncoms - Munich, Germany 1947. Shortly after this photo was taken Jimmie's eldest son, Maurice, was born in Tennessee and Maurice and Jimmie's wife, Carey, joined him and they resided in Kitzingen, Germany for approximately 2 years.
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1st Lt. Jimmie D. Morton - Training Officer - 101st Airborne Div. - 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Ft. Jackson, SC (In the mid 1950s Ft Jackson was HQ and the home of the 101st Airborne Division)
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"Geronimo" eventually grows to 2000 pounds and can run at 35 mph.
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The M60A3 Tank - The USA's Main Battle Tank During The Early 1960s.
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Alexander Miller's Great Grand Daughter-In-Law, The late Mrs. Carey Morton, b: 1926 d: 2009 (Former Teacher - U.S. Dept. Of Defense Overseas School System and Former Asst. Principal - Grosse Pointe MI Schools), wife of Capt. James "Jimmie" D. Morton, presenting the traditional going away present to Mrs. Fellows (former U.S. Army Officer & WWII Veteran), the wife of Battalion Commander - Lt. Col. John L. Fellows. Mrs. Morton taught elementary school in Nurenberg, Worms & Mannheim Germany 1957-1961, as well as at Naha Port Wheel Elementary on Okinawa, Islands Of The the Ryukyu's 1965-1967 (Okinawa was returned by the U.S. to Japan in 1972). She also taught in a U.S. Dependent School, i.e., at Van Voorhis Elementary - Ft. Knox, KY 1962-1964, and, at a number of U.S. civilian public schools in the states of TN, SC, WA, KY, and MI. Her teaching career started in a k-8 one (1) room rural school house (Florenceville School) at Franklin, TN and spanned the years 1952 - 1994. Note: John "Jack" Fellows (WWII Combat Tanker & Expert In Hull Defilade Tactics) was promoted to Full Colonel and assigned to Command the Persidio in California.
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In Re Unit F-118 Purchased By James D Morton After Arrival On The Island Of Okinawa In 1964.
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The Coat Of Arms Of The 10th U.S. Cavalry Regiment [The Buffalo Soldiers]
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The Distinctive Unit Insignia Of The 10th U.S. Cavalry Regiment [The Buffalo Soldiers]
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Jimmie Morton Is The Great Grandson Of Alexander Miller-Co. "A", 17th Regt, U.S. Colored Infantry, United States Colored Troops

This document states that Alexander Miller enlisted at age 19. Alexander Miller's Tennessee Death Certificate states that he was born on 6 Jan 1840 (If so, he was 23 when he enlisted). The 17th U.S.C.I. was recruiting in Stevenson, Alabama, and, would be coming to Nashville, TN in early December 1863 to do further recruiting. Alexander could not wait to enlist, and, he went to Stevenson, AL enlisting there on 24 Nov 1863 and he served until Mustering Out on 25 Apr 1866. Alexander Miller's daughter Gertrude (Miller) Flemming (i.e., Army Brat), who was Jimmie's grandmother, raised Jimmie.
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