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Gerald Edwin Beatty


Basic Information

Gerald Edwin Beatty
07 Dec 1921
Bethel, Delaware
01 Aug 2010
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Time In Service
From: 17 Sep 1943
To: 27 Dec 1945


United States of America
Branch of Service
Army - Company B 317th Infantry Regiment 80th Division
Not Specified
Not Specified
Infantry - Technical Sergeant
Current Status
Not Specified

Service Record

World War II

Honors & Awards


Gerald Beatty POW in WWII

On January 19th I was an infantry replacement in the 80th Infantry Division of General Patton's Third Army. After two months on the line, one day my unit had moved up at dawn March 19th and captured a German half track. My squad was dug in at the edge of the forest directly in front of the half track. The Germans counterattacked by firing 88mm artillery. Shells from a tank approaching our front, we were ready to retreat but we were ordered to stay in our foxholes and told that we would be protected by an anti-tank unit at out rear. But before that could happen the German tank broke through our lines, recaptured the half track, and pulled eight of us out of the lines and took us prisoner. As we were being taken back into Germany with the tank and half track the American antitank guns opened up on us. We arrived safely behind the German lines were interrogated and sent to a German Stalag (prison camp). My wife Josephine was notified by a War Department telegram that I was missing in a...   [ Read more » ]

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Gerald Beatty Army

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