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John Renta Baker


Basic Information

John Renta Baker
Ashe, North Carolina, United States
Clay, Kentucky, United States
Time In Service
From: 15 Aug 1778
To: Not Specified


United States of America
Branch of Service
Not Specified
Current Status
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Service Record

American Revolutionary War

Honors & Awards

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Battle of Kings Mountain,John Renta Baker , AMERICAN REVOLUTION


The Battle of Kings Mountain, South Carolina, occurred on the 7th day of October, 1780, and resulted in the defeat of Lieutenant Colonel Ferguson, who commanded the royal forces, and the loss of his command, not one man escaping from the battle field. The thoroughness of the disaster, and the death of the brave and highly trusted leader, was by far the most serious blow to which the British forces operating in the Southern Provinces had been subjected. The immediate effect upon Cornwallis was to put an end, for the time being, to the further subjugation of the Province of North Carolina. His contemplated advance from Charlotte Town to Salisbury was menaced by a new and unheard of enemy—the men under Campbell, Shelby, Sevier, and others—who came from the region of the mountains, and the back, waters that flow to the west; from places so remote and unknown to the British leaders as to be almost mythical. T...   [ Read more » ]

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Baker John Col Military Marker

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John Renta Baker, Revolutionary War Veteran, Explorer

 John " Renta " Baker late from North Carolina and the Revolutionary War along with several of his sons, was one of the original settlers on Buffalo Creek, in present day Owsley County Kentucky...There has been much conjecture and certainly many arguments about the life of John Renta Baker...This much we know with some certainty because there is documention to support it...John Renta was born
January 28, 1744 in North Carolina...He was, as they were commonly called in those days, " A Long Hunter ". They were called Long Hunters because they would be gone from home for as long as six months to a year..John Renta, George Baker, Robert Baker, Bolin Baker, Elisha Harrison, David Robertson, John Durkham Baker and James Baker were a group of eight Long Hunters that were said to be among the first explorers into Kentucky...John Renta along with several of his uncles and brothers were Revoluntary War Veterans...John Renta, Israel Campbell, John Waters, George Hu...   [ Read more » ]

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When the Revolutionary War broke out back east, it came to no big surprise to John Renta and his neighbors. After all, they had been fighting their own war with the Tory for quite sometime. The main impact of the war did not come to the valley until late September of 1780. A rider came in with some shocking news. He had been sent by Col. John Sevier, commander of the
Watauga Station in Tennesse. Col. Sevier informed Col. Cleveland that he had just received word from Col. Patrick Ferguson, a British officer under the command of Gen. Cornwallis. The message came in the form of a warning. It stated that if he, (Col. Sevier) did not lay down his arms and stop this rebellion against the Crown, he would come, "hang their leaders and lay waste to their
country with fire and sword." Riders had also been dispatched to Col. William Campbell in Virginia and Col. Isaac Shelby in Tennesse with the same message. All were advised, with the utmost urgency to gather as many men and as much supplies...   [ Read more » ]
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