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Staff Sergeant 

Victor Joseph Hyduke


Basic Information

Victor Joseph Hyduke
16 March 1918
Ray, Pinal, Arizona, USA
24 Sep 2002
Chandler, Maricopa, Arizona, USA
Time In Service
From: 14 Jan 1941
To: 18 Jun 1945


United States of America
Branch of Service
Staff Sergeant
Current Status
Veteran/Prior Service - Now Deceased

Service Record

World War II

Honors & Awards


Victor in the U.S. Army

Victor Hyduke -- Home on Furlough. Photo taken in front of the home of Victor's parents.
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Victor in Abilene

Victor Hyduke at Ft. Sill before going to New Guinea during WWII. He is a Private in this photo.
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Military Photo - Victor Hyduke

Picture of Victor in his Army uniform. Probably taken in 1940 or 1941.
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Victor Hyduke in WWII

Photo of my father, Victor Hyduke, while he served in the Army during WWII. The photo may have been taken in Arizona or in Abilene, TX, where he trained.
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Victor in Panama

Victor Hyduke in Panama (warfare training center) on way to New Guinea. Victor is wearing helmet; person to the right is Ray Ellis according to the information on the back of the photo.
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WWII New Guinea

This was among my father's pictures. I believe they were clearing the way for soldiers in New Guinea during WWII.
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WWII Letter

This is a letter from Victor Hyduke to his sister Olga Hyduke Belsher. The letter was dated 1/15/44 and Victor was wounded on 5/27/44.
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Victor Critical Condition

Victor Hyduke in center. Critically wounded in Sarmi, New Guinea. Back of photo: "Sarmi, New Guinea 153 Evac. Hospital. Wally, Victor" My dad was very lucky to even have survived. It isn't very clear in the photo, but his chest is entirely covered in bandages. The bullet missed his heart by about 1/2". He lost one lung and some ribs. He had a metal plate in his side. I don't know how he was standing on his own. It was only about one month after being wounded. Once he was shipped back to the United states, he spent one year in Fitzsimmons Hospital in Denver and then another 3-4 months at a California Hospital. He was such a strong individual.
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Victor Wounded

Newspaper article listing my father as wounded - southwest Pacific area.
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Bushmasters - 158th Infantry

Photo of Arizona Bushmasters taken during WWII. My father, Victor Hyduke, was a Staff Sergeant in the 158th Infantry.
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Victor Hyduke Wounded in WWII

This is a copy from the newspaper. Initially, Victor Hyduke was reported as missing in action. Later, it was discovered that he was seriously wounded on May 27 in Sarmi, New Guinea.
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New Guinea Conflict

Victor served in the U.S. Army during WWII. He was a Staff Sergeant serving with the Arizona Bushmasters, 158th Infantry, Company I. Victor was caught in a crossfire in a battle in New Guinea. He suffered a serious chest wound and was sent to Fitzsimmons Hospital in Denver, Colorado where he remained for 12 months. He was then sent to Birmingham General Hospital in Van Nuys, CA, where he was later discharged in June 1945.

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CO I, 158th Infantry

Handwritten note of Company I, 158th Infantry; Arizona Bushmasters. According to what has been written about the Bushmasters, they were a very tough group of fighting men. List may have been created in New Guinea.
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Victor at Fitzsimmons Hospital

Back of photo reads: "Wibright, Victor Hyduke, Habas; Fitzsimmons General Hospital." Although still very thin, my father (Victor) looked much better in this photo than in others. He is the one in the middle.
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Victor's Service Ribbons

Letter from Army listing ribbons/medals for which victor was eligible. Although the letter states Asiatic-Pacific Medal with 3 bronze stars, he actually received 4 bronze stars.
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Victor Hyduke Memorial

Victor's memorial following his death in 2002.
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