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James W Starnes


Basic Information

James Wellborn Starnes - Colonel, Commanding 2nd TN Cavalry Brigade, C.S.A.
9 Jul 1817
North Carolina, USA
30 Jun 1863
Tullahoma, Coffee County, Tennessee, USA
Time In Service
From: early 1861
To: KIA June 1863


Confederate States of America (American Civil War)
Branch of Service
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Current Status
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Service Record

American Civil War

Honors & Awards

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Colonel J W Starnes, Commander 4th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Confederate States Of America
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Colonel James Welborn Starnes, Commander 2nd Tennessee Cavalry Brigade

This Tennessee Historical Commission marker is located on State Highway 55 between Tullahoma and Manchester.
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A small number of documents on the internet refer to J. W. Starnes as General, as opposed to Colonel. Starnes wrote the Notice contained in this document, i.e., "Official records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865", only a week before his death on 30 Jun 1863, and, therein he signs it as: Colonel, Commanding Brigade. Therefore, this documents very strongly suggests that the brilliant and outstanding Cavalry Commander, J. W. Starnes, had not yet, in fact, received his forthcoming appointment to the rank of Brigadier General, C.S.A.
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Colonel James Wellborn Starnes

James Starnes was the son of Dr. Samuel Scott and Nancy Matilda (Wellborn) Starnes. He was a prominent physician and planter. He graduated from the Jefferson Seminary Medical School (later University of Louisville). During the Mexican War he served as asst. surgeon of the 1st Tennessee Infantry. He married Mary Christina Rudder on April 19, 1849 and they had five children. When the Civil War broke out he raised a company of cavalry in Williamson County, Tennessee. He was later promoted to Colonel of the 4th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, CSA. In 1st Quarter 1863 Dr. Starnes took command of the 2nd TN Cavalry Brigade, i.e., Forrest's former brigade and Starnes led it in action in the Brentwood Raid , in the fights around Franklin and in the successful pursuit of Streight's raiders in Alabama. During the Tullahoma Campaign, on June 28, 1863, he was mortally wounded by a sharpshooter at Bobo's Crossroads, located between Tullahoma and Manchester. He was taken to the home of A. Y. Smith in T...
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Henry Beal, Colored, Offers Widow Mrs. M. C. Starnes $705.00 For The 82 3/4 Acre Ozbourn Tract Of Land Which Was Owned By Mrs. Starnes' Late Son, William Rudder Starnes. Henry Beal Made A $205.00 Down Payment And Paid A Five Year Land Contract In Regard To The $500.00 Remaining Balance At The Rate Of $100.00 Per Year.
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James Wellborn Starnes

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General Starnes' Widow, Mrs. Mary Christina (Rudder) Starnes, Steps Down As Guardian Of Her Grandsons, Reppard Rudder Starnes And Wellborn McCord Starnes, Due To Poor Health (She Passed Away In 1904). Her Attorney In This Cause Of Action (i.e., Walter Wagner Faw) Was Appointed By The Court To Replace Her As Guardian Of Her Grandsons. In Later Years Attorney Faw Went On To Become Williamson County Court Judge. Her Grandson's Reppard and Wellborn went on to serve as Warrant Officers during World War I. For, at least, some period of time Reppard was enrolled as a college student at the University Of Virginia, and, he may have ultimately graduated from said university (I believe there were records which showed him as being in Sophomore Year of study)???
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On August 19, 1903, the Williamson County Court Judge, i.e., the Honorable Frank C. Russell, Entered An Order Directing The Honorable Thomas E. Haynes (C.S.A. war veteran - Perkin's Co., Douglas Cavalry), Clerk Of The Court, To Execute And Deliver To Henry Beal, Colored, A Proper Deed For The Land Bought By Him In The M. C. Starnes -vs- R. R. & W. M. Starnes Cause Of Action.
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On August 21, 1903, The Honorable Thomas E. Haynes (C.S.A. war veteran - Perkin's Co., Douglas Cavalry), Clerk Of The Williamson County Court, Delivered The Deed To The Osbourn Tract Of Land To Henry Beal, Colored.
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