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First Lieutenant 

Mary Louise Roberts


Basic Information

Mary Louise Roberts
18 Sep 1914
Louisiana, USA
November 19,2001
Dallas, Texas
Time In Service
From: Not Specified
To: Not Specified


United States of America
Branch of Service
First Lieutenant
Current Status
Veteran/Prior Service

Service Record

World War II

Honors & Awards


Mary Louise Roberts

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Silver Star Award

For bravery and service in battle, Lt. Mary Roberts was the first female in the history of the United States to be awarded the Silver Star. The Silver Star is awarded for bravery, courage and service above and beyond the call of duty, and few have earned the award. Mary Roberts Wilson was the first woman to be awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in combat. During the battle of Anzio during World War II, and with her Army evacuation hospital under German shellfire, Wilson continued supervising her nursing staff of fifty, allowing the hospital to continue functioning. Tom Brokaw devoted an entire chapter to Wilson’s exploits in his best-selling book about World War II-era Americans, The Greatest Generation

She landed at Anzio five days after the Allied invasion that began Jan. 22, 1944. Fighting was still fierce, and the medical staff worked 12- to 15-hour shifts tending to wounded soldiers.

At one point she was asked if she and her 50 nurses wanted to be evacuated...   [ Read more » ]

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