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Private/ 5th Sergeant/Private 

Benjamin Apling Burdette


Basic Information

Benjamin Apling Burdette
23 Dec 1835
De Kalb County, Georgia, United States
14 Sept 1921
Meridian, Bosque County, Texas, United States
Time In Service
From: 12 July 1861
To: 14 June 1865


Confederate States of America
Branch of Service
Private/ 5th Sergeant/Private
Current Status
Not Specified

Service Record

Civil War

Honors & Awards

Not Specified

Benjamin Apling Burdette

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Ft Delaware Federal Prison

Former federal prison during the Civil War, on Pea Patch Island. Benjamin was held here for two years, until after the close of the Civil War.
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13th Alabama Infantry Battle flag

Battle flag is encased in glass inside the museum at the Alabama State Capital Museum, as well as other 13th Alabama artifacts.
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Tombstone of B.A. & M.E. Burdette

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Willowby Run in Mc Phersons Woods, Gettysburg Battlefield

Near the area where Benjamin A Burdette and other men of the 13th Alabama were captured on July 1, 1863.
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Archers Brigade

Monument to Archer's Brigdade. Located in front of Mc Phersons Woods, on a cold snowy day at Gettysburg. Benjamin was part of Archer's Brigade at Gettysburg.
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Alabamanians !

Statue to honor men of Alabama that served at Gettysburg.
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Fort Delaware

Federal prison during the Civil War.
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Bloody Lane

One section of Bloody Lane, near the position of the 13th Alabama Infantry.
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Meridian Cemetery

Cemetery of final resting place for Benjamin A Burdette and his wife Millie Elizabeth Hood.
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Hazel Grove

Postition of the 13th Alabama Infantry at Hazel Grove.
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Benjamin Apling Burdette and the Civil War

On 12 July 1861, Benjamin Apling Burdette, enlisted in the 13th Alabama Infantry Co. E, with his two brothers Samuel Monroe (John) born 10 March 1843, died 28 Oct. 1929, Williamson County, Tennessee) and Littleton J. Burdette, (born 27 July 1845, died 30 Nov. 1862 Washington, County, Maryland) in Wedowee, Alabama in Randolph County. The regiment was sent to Virginia for training and encampment until called into battle some months later. Their initial engagement was as part of the Peninsular Campagn during the Seige of Yorktown. The next engagements included Seven Pines, Cold Harbor, Glendale and Frazer Farm, New Market Cross Roads, Willis Church, and Malvern Hill in Virginia. From 6-22 September, Benjamin served during the Maryland Campaign. On 14 September 1862, he saw action at South Mountain, followed by the battle of Antietam at Sharpsburg, Maryland, 16-17 September. During this battle the 13th was positioned in the Cornfield and Bloody Lane, where both of his brothers were severel...   [ Read more » ]
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