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First Lieutenant, Captain 

Charles Braden


Basic Information

Charles Braden
23 Nov 1847
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States
15 January 1919
Cornwall on Hudson, Orange, New York, USA
Time In Service
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United States of America
Branch of Service
First Lieutenant, Captain
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Current Status
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Service Record

Yellowstone Expeditions 1973
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Honors & Awards


charles Braden

Pencil drawing of 1st LT Charles Braden, US Army, Seventh Cavalry
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Biography of Charles Braden

Account excerpted from "History of Saginaw County, p 274"
Lieutenant Charles Braden, retired, brevet Captain United States Army, a pioneer of Saginaw, was a military officer of an older generation deserving an honorable mention in local history. He was born in Grand Rapids, Mich.,in 1848(?). His father, Casper Braden, came to East Saginaw in the early days of the settlement and followed his trade of cabinet maker in a little shop on Water Street. Charles attended the old 'Academy" on Hoyt Street where he received a rudimentary education; and in 1865 enetered the United States Military Academy at West Point, and graduated with the Class of 1869.
In 1873, he served with the 7th Cavalry and was with General Custer's expedition on the north bank of the Yellowstone River in Montana. About 8 o'clock in the morning of August 11, in a spirited fight between eight troops of the 7th Cavalry and Sioux Indians, Lieut. Braden was shot through the upper thigh. The bullet, fired at a range of n...   [ Read more » ]
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