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Warren Webster WHITSIDE


Basic Information

Warren Webster WHITSIDE
2 Nov 1875
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3 Oct 1964
Front Royal, Warren, Virginia, United States
Time In Service
From: 1898
To: 1939


United States of America
Branch of Service
Cavalry and Quartermaster
Current Status
Retired Military

Service Record

World War I

Honors & Awards


Brigadier General Leonard Wood and Colonel Samuel M. Whitside

Seated are Brig. Gen. Leonard Wood, U.S.V., and Col. S. M. Whitside, 10th Cav. Col. Whitside's son, 2nd Lt. Warren W. Whitside, 10th Cav., is standing behind his father.
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Lieut. Whitside to be Married To-day

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Brig. Gen. S. M. Whitside and 1st Lt. W. W. Whitside

Samuel Whitside was promoted to Brigadier General in the U.S. Volunteers in Jan 1901, and held the permanent rank of Colonel in the 10th U.S. Cavalry Regiment. His son, Warren, was a First Lieutenant in the 10th Cav. and served as S. M. Whitside's Aide-de-Camp.
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Warren W., Lillian R. and Lillian M. Whitside

Baby is Lillian (Whitside) Samouce.
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Lieutenant Colonel Warren W. Whitside

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Death of Maj. Victor M. Whitside

Hand written note from Warren W. Whitside for a telegram to his mother, Carrie Whitside, notifying her of the death of her youngest child, Victor M. Whitside, in Coblenz, Germany while serving with the occupation army following World War I.
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Colonel Warren Whitside, Field Artillery

Warren Whitside was promoted in Aug 1917 to Lieutenant Colonel of Field Artillery in the National Army, and in Jul 1918 to Colonel of Cavalry in the U.S. Army during World War I. In this photograph he is wearing the rank and insignia of Colonel of Field Artillery in the U.S. Army. During this time period he held the permanent rank of Major, and was not promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the permanent establishment until Jul 1920. Ultimately, Whitside was promoted to the permanent rank of Colonel in mar 1924. Whitside is wearing five ribbons in this photograph, two of which appear to be the "Great War for Civilization Medal" (World War I Victory Medal) and the French Croixe de Guerre. As the WWI medal was not created until 1919, this photo likely dates during that year.
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Colonel Warren W. Whitside

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Major General Malin Craig and Colonel Warren Whitside

Maj. Gen. Craig and Col. Whitside after receiving the Distinguished Service Medal for service in World War I. Whitside was the Quartermaster of the Dept of Panama, and Craig was the Commanding General.
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Colonel Warren W. Whitside at USMA

Photo appearing in the 1930 Howitzer. Col. Warren W. Whitside in the center of the photograph in the second row. He is listed as the Quartermaster on the Superintendent's Military Staff.
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WWW on QM Review Cover

Col. Warren W. Whitside appeared on the cover of the July - August, 1934 edition of the Quartermaster Review. The photo was taken circa 1918 while Col. Whitside was serving as the Commander of the 89th Division Trains during World War I. In the summer of 1934 Col. Whitside had just completed a four year tour in the Office of the Quartermaster General in Washington, D.C. as the Chief of the Storage and Distribution Division and was beginning his final tour in the Army as the Commander of the Remount Depot at Front Royal, Virginia.
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Colonel Warren W. Whitside

WWW at the Remount Depot in Front Royal, VA
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Warren W. Whitside's Headstone

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Nomination for 2010 Quartermaster Hall of Fame

1. The Quartermaster Corps Hall of Fame Standing Operaring Procedures openly solicits the names of historical figures whose records may be sparse, and who may be less well known to current Quartermasters -- but whose contributions to the Corps none the less warrant their consideration for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. 

2. This year Colonel Warren W. Whitside is being nominated for the Quartermaster Corps Hall of Fame by his great-grandson, LTC Samuel L. Russell. I have carefully read the nominating letter, plus the accompanying material on Colonel Whitside's background and distinguished career as a Quartermaster officer. His long and very active service from the turn of the century to the eve of World War II encompassed a period of unprecedented change -- and what today we might call "Army Transformation" -- all of which he was very much a part of. His record of deployment as a Quartermaster is singularly impressive as well, from service in Cuba during ...   [ Read more » ]

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Col. W. W. Whitside - Quartermaster Hall of Fame

The son of a career cavalry officer, Colonel Warren Webster Whitside spent the first fifteen years of his life among Soldiers and Indians on the Western plains. He received his education at Kemper Military Academy, Booneville, Mo., and the Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. In May 1898 Colonel Whitside left college just before graduating in answer to President McKinley’s call to service during the Spanish American War. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of Cavalry in 1899, and served for the next seven years as a lieutenant in the Tenth and Fifteenth Cavalry Regiments. In 1906 he was promoted to Captain of Quartermaster Corps, and for the next 33 years he served in a variety of command and key leadership positions within the Quartermaster field. In defense of our Nation, Colonel Whitside served on numerous campaigns including the Spanish American War in 1898; the Cuban Occupation from 1899 to 1902 with service as the aide-de-camp to his father, the Commanding ...
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