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Lieutenant Colonel 

Thomas Gleason Mooney Jr


Basic Information

Thomas Gleason Mooney Jr
16 OCT 1922
Orange Essex, New Jersey
5 Apr 1978
St Thomas, Virgin Islands (US), USA
Time In Service
From: 1942
To: 1968


United States of America
Branch of Service
Lieutenant Colonel
Fighter Pilot
Current Status
Not Specified

Service Record

World War II, Vietnam, Korea
Not Specified

Honors & Awards



Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 212 was activated as Marine Fighting Squadron 212 (VMF-212), the "Hell Hounds", at Marine Corps Air Station Ewa, Hawaii on March 1, 1942. Deploying in May to the South Pacific in their F4F Wildcats, the squadron was stationed at Tontouta on the island of New Caledonia, and later moved up to the island of Efate. As preparations for the invasion of Guadalcanal increased, the squadron operated a detachment at Espiritu Santo until the arrival of VMO-251 ensured that the island was provided with adequate aerial defense. During the early part of the Guadalcanal campaign, VMF-212 sent detachments to operate with Cactus Air Force squadrons deployed to Henderson Field until the entire squadron was committed to the battle in mid-October. The squadron acquired an enviable record by destroying 64 1/2 enemy planes including that of Toshio Ohta, a Japanese ace.
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Thomas Gleason Mooney

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On the deck of the USS Bennington
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Headquarters & Maintenance Sqadron 36 Commanding Officer: Lt. Col Thomas G. Mooney 1 Jan - 5 Sep 66
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Funeral Service

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Funeral Service

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Funeral Service

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Picture sent by Mike mcDonald who worked with Tom at Talmantz aviation in California. here is his email: Richard, This is the only photo that I have of Tom..he was truly one of the nicest people I have ever known.. Mike McDonald
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Thomas Gleason Mooney, Jr.
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Tom receiving his 15th air medal
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FJ 4 Fury

this is an FJ-4 from marine fighter Squadron VMF 232 which Tom was a part of during the Korean War. The plane is housed at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, FL. An email from his fellow flyer, Don Macaulay, told us that he flew these with Tom in the late 1950's
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