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Peter Brackett


Basic Information

Peter Brackett
04 March 1838
04 April 1927
Biddeford, York County, Maine
Time In Service
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United States of America
Branch of Service
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Current Status
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Service Record

American Civil War

Honors & Awards

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1905 :: Reunion of the 5th Maine

August 9, 1905. Ye Loyal Veterans of the 5th and 8th Maine. In Annual Reunions Assembled at Peaks -- The Beans of the Best and the Success of the Greatest.

Peaks Island, Aug. 9 (Special). -- With the floating of Old Glory in the morning breeze and the assembling of rich clusters of flowers at the Memorial windows the annual reunions of the loyal Fifth and Eighth Maine regiments were inauguruated at their two Memorial buildings here today.

Since four o'clock yesterday afternoon the historic ovens of "ye army beans baked in the ground" have been working overtime and one of the largest gatherings ever enjoyed in the history of the associations assembled at the respective tables of the two regiments.

At the Eighth Maine many are the tributes spoken and unspoken to the memory of the late Capt. H...   [ Read more » ]

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1905 :: 5th Maine Reunion

Marching on Together: The Old Fifth Maine. Boys of the Old Regiment Gather by the Sea Shore at Peaks -- Distinguished Guests at the Reunion.

Peaks Island, Me., Aug. 11 (Special). -- And now it has been the turn of the old Fifth Maine and for two days a glorious reunion they had had. Wednesday was the opening at their regimental building and a great crown was there.

Warm greetings were had on every side and long before noon the big room was filled with as joyous a crown as old soldiers can be.

The business meeting of the corporation controlling the property was held the first day as usual, and the old board of officers were re-elected. These were Gen. S.H. Manning, Lewiston, president; James M. Fernaid, secretary, and Frank F. Goss, treasurer. The board of directors was made up of Gen...   [ Read more » ]

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1918 :: Reunion of the 5th Maine

Biddeford Weekly Journal, Biddeford, Maine
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