Ancestry Submission Agreement

Before submitting your Family Tree File (GEDCOM) to Ancestry, please review the following terms and conditions that define your rights, responsibilities, and benefits as a contributor.

By submitting your GEDCOM file to Ancestry, you agree to the following:

  • Ancestry may reproduce, compile, and distribute, all information about non-living individuals in your submitted GEDCOM file.
  • Ancestry will make reasonable efforts to hide all information about living individuals (except the surname) prior to reproducing, compiling, and distributing your submitted GEDCOM file. If a date of death is not included on any particular record, we will use a process which in our belief excludes the living.
  • Ancestry may display your name, email address, and/or Ancestry username, to other family history enthusiasts who may wish to contact you.
  • If you choose to not make your family tree publicly viewable, Ancestry will allow others to search your tree to determine if there is a match to their search in your tree. Ancestry will hide all information about that individual and the relations to that individual within your tree beyond what the other researcher entered into the search template. If a match is found, the researcher may attempt to contact you to request access to the information you choose not to share publicly, using our connection broker service.
  • You agree not to submit information that infringes on the copyrights of others, invades the privacy of others, or is defamatory or profane in any way. Ancestry reserves the right to remove any information, which, at its sole discretion, violates these terms.
  • You agree that submitting your GEDCOM file to Ancestry does not entitle you to any compensation, monetary or other.
  • Ancestry grants you download rights to GEDCOM files that have been contributed to Ancestry, except for information about living individuals or where the submitter has chosen not to make their tree public.
  • Ancestry and are trademarks of Operations Inc. OneWorldTree is a service mark of Operations Inc. Only the compilation of information contained within the collection of family trees on Ancestry and the OneWorldTree service is copyrighted. This copyright does not apply to your individual GEDCOM file nor does it limit you from publishing, selling, giving, or otherwise distributing for commercial or non-commercial purposes your own family information as you see fit.
  • The general terms and conditions for use of the Ancestry site apply to your use and submission of GEDCOMs to Ancestry.