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What can you do with OneWorldTree?

Search for your Ancestors.
This unique, powerful research tool saves you time by consolidating information from member-submitted family trees into one big searchable community tree. You get to access the work of hundreds of thousands of fellow researchers - all in one place.

What exactly is OneWorldTree?

It's one big community family tree.
OneWorldTree takes family trees submitted by Ancestry members that were "stitched" together with family trees and historical records from other sources. OneWorldTree identified probable name matches between these sources and now displays consolidated results in a worldwide family tree that can help you with your family history research.

It's a great place to find hints.
OneWorldTree can give you hints about your family history but not necessarily facts. There are a number of sources consolidated in OneWorldTree and it's impossible to know if there were errors in member-submitted family trees. Also, occasionally the computer algorithms in OneWorldTree incorrectly linked people with similar names.

In addition to the overall community tree, OneWorldTree also maintains the original family trees and source records submitted. See original source information for any person in a tree on the "view details" page. Use the "connection service" if you want to anonymously contact the Ancestry member who submitted a family tree or record.

It's a way to simplify your research.
OneWorldTree was created from a sophisticated system that processed hundreds of millions of names, dates and places from family trees and census records. It found and merged probable matches between these sources.

Your personal privacy is always protected.
OneWorldTree was created to let Ancestry members benefit from the combined research efforts of the community. Even so, your personal identity always remains private unless you choose to share it with other Ancestry members on your own.