There's a science to telling our story.

AncestryDNA is cutting-edge technology with family history at its heart.
It began with a team of experts at the forefront of genomic science who saw the potential of the human genome and family history.

There's a story in DNA—and a story behind it.

Learn about the scientific updates and breakthroughs our scientists are excited about working on.

West African ethnicity breakthrough

What can genetic data tell us about the region's population groups?


Science of ethnicity estimation

How does the DNA in your saliva record your family history in the first place?


Genetic Communities

Nature Communications Publishes AncestryDNA Breakthrough on Genetic Communities


Go deeper into the science with our team of experts.

Travel into a microbe or across oceans with the people who know the technological advances best.

Learn how AncestryDNA helps answer, "Who am I?"

As our customers look into their ethnic origins and connect with genetic relatives,
they see themselves in a new way.

Connected beyond Colombia

Isabel Rojas always identified with her Bogotá roots. But her DNA results took her ancestry to unexpected places.

Mystery solved

When John Danby took an AncestryDNA test he hoped for some answers. He got generations of them.

A true gift

Lehan Crane received a kit as a present. He never expected it would open a whole new chapter in his life.

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See how DNA science is growing exponentially more compelling.

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relationships connecting 500,000 Members


exclusive DNA samples from around the world

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detailed in your ethnic origins

They're more than experts.
They're DNA evangelists.

Terabytes of data examined, 15 advanced degrees, years of hard work, and a lot of rigorous science makes this group of 12 scientists extraordinary.

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