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Your story is out there, and this is your year to find it.
With innovative features, updated collections, and millions of new records, let Ancestry® help spark your next great discovery.

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Search Ancestry® for free and start uncovering your family story.
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Just one record can help you discover a wartime hero in your family.
With over
1.8 billion records added in 2019, you could find even more to be proud of.
Just one tree on Ancestry® could link you to a royal dynasty.
With over
6.4 million
family trees
added in 2019, you can see how much noble blood runs in your family.
One member may
have uploaded your grandparents’ long‑lost wedding photo.
With over
330 million photos and documents added by our community, who knows what you’ll rediscover.

New collections, features, and more.
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It’s easier than ever to grow and manage your family tree at Ancestry®, with new and expanded
collections like Yearbooks and Obituaries, and exciting features like ThruLines and MyTreeTags.

Was grandpa’s buzzcut as sharp as his chess club skills? Find out in our ever-growing Yearbooks Collection.
Ancestry Hints® & Tree Building
Here’s a quick guide to show you how Ancestry Hints® help you build your family tree.
Discover an easy way to highlight details about the people in your tree with helpful labels to keep things organized.
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With 1.9 million hours spent gathering and scanning records last year, take a peek at how Ancestry® gets it all done.