Saving the stories of WWII Veterans

Help us record the story of WWII, as told by the people who lived it.

The memories of our veterans paint a more vivid picture than any history book. But with each year, as veterans pass on, their stories are lost, too.

Together, we can change that. Send us a video, documenting their experiences of the war and preserve this history before it slips away.

Here are a few memories from our collection.

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    The records that were destroyed in the fire.

    On average, 80-100 pages of information per soldier were lost in the fire.

    Here’s just some of the information contained in the records.

    • Battles they fought in
    • Ships they sailed on
    • Medals/honors they received
    • Diseases/injuries they suffered
    • Occupations they held during the war
    • Parental information (names, where they lived)
    • Affidavits about their character
    • Letters from commanding officers
    • Photographs

    One amazing story leads to another.

    If you have a veteran in your family, theirs could be just the first of many stories to discover. Start a family tree at Ancestry and begin building your own history that tells the story of you.

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