Turn Friends on Facebook into Family.

Connect your family tree to Facebook, and we’ll begin searching for new family members who use Facebook.

Once we connect your family tree to Facebook, we’ll show you a list of people that may belong in your family tree. Just click “Add” next to their name to import their information. It’s that easy.

Sample: Possible relatives

Anytime you add information from Facebook to your tree, you are confirming that you have the right to grant and do grant Ancestry.com permission to retain and use that information in accordance with the Ancestry.com Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement.

What information do you import from Facebook?

Name, birthdays and genders are imported and Facebook profile pictures are displayed in your tree. Your default images will not be changed.

Does Ancestry share details with Facebook?

Ancestry imports information from Facebook and will never share anything without your permission.

Can people on Facebook see my family tree?

People on Facebook wiil only see your family tree if you give them permission in “Tree Settings.”

Can I disconnect Facebook from my family tree?

You can disconnect from Facebook at anytime you like by simply going to the “Person Overview” page.