Capture old memories. Make new ones.

Make the holiday season even more special with a few fun and easy ideas to bring your family together. They’re a great way to spend valuable time together and a chance to record precious memories new and old.

10 Questions to bring the family together

Set your Thanksgiving table with holiday place cards specially designed to help you learn more about loved ones.

Honor a loved one

Keep relatives who have passed on a part of your holiday traditions by creating a We Remember™ page and filling it with photos and memories.

Record memories instantly

Preserve cherished moments as they happen. Simply find a relative’s profile in the Ancestry App and click “Gallery” then “Add Media” to instantly capture pictures and memories.

Give something special

There are more stories, surprises, and memory-making moments waiting for you when you give an Ancestry gift membership this year.

Make DNA discoveries

Find yourself in a whole new way with AncestryDNA™. You’ll better understand your family story, and you’ll love the conversations you start when you share your results with others.

Preserve a memory

You never know what family history facts your loved ones remember themselves. This Thanksgiving, take a moment to ask them your questions—your time could lead to even more discoveries!