AncestryDNA® Traits

There’s more to you
than meets the eye.

With newly added nutrition traits, AncestryDNA Traits can tell you even more about how your genes influence who you are—inside and out.

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  • Birth Weight
  • Finger Length
  • Omega-3
  • Cilantro Aversion

Discover 26 fascinating traits your genes influence.

Your DNA can reveal so much more than just your ethnicity. Learn more about things you can see, like eye color—and things you can’t, like how your diet, environment, and genes may influence vitamin levels. Traits can give you even more insight into the fascinating story of what makes you uniquely you.

Around the World Feature

Do other people with Italian heritage have curly hair like you?

Discover how your hair type and other personal traits connect to people with the same AncestryDNA regions, and enjoy new interactive features, survey insights, and fun facts.

Compare Feature

How much do you have in common with others?

Invite family members and other DNA matches who have purchased AncestryDNA Traits to compare—then see how they match (or miss) on the DNA behind traits like sweet taste, iris patterns, male hair loss, and more.

What you'll see in your AncestryDNA Traits