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Ancestry® has partnered with America’s record keeper, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), to preserve important documents and help people discover more of their family stories. Since 1998, Ancestry® has digitized and indexed millions of NARA records to create the largest collection of NARA records online.

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Naturalization Records

Learn how and when your family moved from one country to another, even tracing their paths across oceans, in 34 million naturalization records from over 47 U.S. states.
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Passenger and Crew Lists

Search for your ancestors among 156 million passenger records and find details of their journeys, such as name, age, port of departure, and date of arrival.
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Military Records

Find your family’s heroes and uncover information about their military service in 230 million NARA records from all major U.S. wars and conflicts.
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