Episode 5:

A story of identity,
with Sir Tony Robinson

Not “your average Londoner” after all

In the first four episodes of It’s About Time, Sir Tony Robinson has lifted the lid on some of the most intriguing personal stories of the last hundred years. In episode five, he explores one of the greatest stories of all – that of the human race.

So what did the tale of evolution tell Sir Tony about his past? Well, quite a lot as it happens. Having believed he was “just an average Londoner”, simply by delving into his own DNA it turns out that this categorization is very wide of the mark. Sir Tony’s own remarkable journey of discovery is about science and history combining to write the story of individual identity.

It all starts with the birth of the human genus some 2-3 million years ago, then the rise and fall of different species, and the emergence of Homo Sapiens. But for Sir Tony, this is all too far in the past.

Looking closer to the time of his birth (1946 in case you were wondering), Sir Tony finds that around a thousand years of ethnic, national and cultural changes have contributed to his surprising genetic make-up. Armed with the information provided by advances in modern technology, Sir Tony can finally answer the question: “Who am I?”

Listen to the greatest story of all time in the last of the current series of It’s About Time, and find out why Sir Tony’s DNA revealed a history he never knew he had.

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