Episode 4:

The force was strong
with William Hamill

Going forth with The Force

Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Liverpool and Perthshire. What ties these places together are two intriguing tales leading back to Star Wars’ leading actor Mark Hamill. In the role of Luke Skywalker, his storybook adventures took him to a galaxy far, far away. In real life, his ancestors had stories of their own to tell.

In episode four of It’s About Time, our narrator Sir Tony Robinson explains how adventure seems to have run in the family for Mark Hamill. Born to a US Navy captain, Mark did his fair share of traveling before he took the role of Luke Skywalker. However, it was his great-great-great-grandfather–a fisherman from Perthshire in Scotland–who set off on the first family escapade. He, his wife and their eight children made the crossing to America.

At the age of 52, ‘The Force’ was hardly with James Haggart. But despite the perils of the long journey, the family arrived in New York and then found themselves farmers in Indiana and after that Missouri. Yet it was another side of the family tree where the real adventures began.

William Arthur Hamill, Mark’s great-great-grandfather, departed Liverpool in his youth. By the time of the 1860 US census records, William had amassed a personal estate of $25,000–a healthy sum for a 25-year old who left just years before to seek his fortune.

The money he made as a shipping merchant bought him a big white house in Georgetown, Colorado–complete with a six-seater privy. It still stands today. And, as Sir Tony explains in episode four of It’s About Time, it’s a useful place to start the intriguing story of Luke Skywalker’s origins.

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