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for Healthcare Providers

Understanding AncestryHealth® reports

Reports designed for customers and healthcare providers

All customers receive results in the following formats:

  • For the customer: Within the AncestryHealth online product experience, customers receive a digital report for each health condition. Each digital report is written to convey necessary information about their test results and key takeaways in plain English. Reports are personalized based on the customer’s test results and the customer’s self-reported health history. Customers may download/print a fact sheet, if they wish.
  • For the customer to share with a healthcare provider: Ancestry encourages customers to discuss their AncestryHealth results with their healthcare providers. To facilitate, within the AncestryHealth online product experience, customers have access to a report designed to be downloaded/printed and shared with a healthcare provider. This report, written with healthcare providers in mind, consists of two items:
  • The first is a laboratory report issued by the independent CLIA-certified laboratory partner where the test was performed. The laboratory report lists the genes tested and detailed descriptions of any pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants detected, if applicable.
  • The second is a quick reference guide developed by PWNHealth to convey to a healthcare provider additional information about the test results.

AncestryHealth reports

The table below outlines the health conditions, genes, variants and personalized results included in AncestryHealth reports.

Health: Cancer Risk

Health: Heart and Blood Health

Health: Carrier Status

AncestryHealth® includes laboratory tests developed and performed by an independent CLIA-certified laboratory partner, and with oversight from an independent clinician network of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors. The test results are not diagnostic and do not determine your overall chance of developing a disease or health condition. The tests are not cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You should consult a healthcare provider before taking any action based on AncestryHealth® reports, including before making any treatment, dietary, or lifestyle changes. AncestryHealth® is not currently available in New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island.