Probably not. Our reference panel includes samples from many world regions, but not from every country or population. Similarly, we have identified hundreds of Genetic Communities™, but only for areas where we have enough data.

There are some other reasons a region might not appear in your DNA story. For regions of the world like Europe, where the population is very admixed, it can be difficult to distinguish one population from another through DNA testing. And because of the random nature of DNA inheritance, you may not have inherited DNA markers that we identify with a particular region, even though your ancestors may have lived there.

For migrations and regions based on Genetic Communities™, you'll only connect to those you have a strong DNA relationship to. So, the more generations that separate you from the population one of our Genetic Communities ties back to, the less likely it is that you’ll connect. It’s also more likely that you’ll connect to a population that both your parents have descended from, for example, than to a population that only one of your grandparents is from.

As we gather more samples and our database grows, we'll be able to add more regions and migrations.