Rediscovering Obama’s Irish Roots

In 2007 the world, and Obama, learned about his Irish roots after a genealogist from Ancestry pieced together the family story with the help of an Irish rector. The New Yorker revisits this intriging discovery. 

Remembering Pearl Harbor and Its Survivors—and Tracing Their Military Roots

To commemorate the service of those who fought at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago, Ancestry traced 12 servicemen’s family trees to find the military men and women among their ancestors and made all World War II records free online during December.

Small offices taking a fresh position on yoga

Providing yoga and meditation classes has been growing in popularity in small offices with more modest accommodations as businesses move away from encouraging employees to go to the gym or a yoga studio on their lunch breaks and, instead, offer in-house options.

Ancestry Lands Science and Data Industry Veterans; Bolsters Recruiting Efforts

LEHI, Utah and SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, today announced three new appointments to its growing leadership team. As the world’s largest consumer genomics provider, having genotyped 2.5 million DNA samples, Ancestry is continuing to add to its roster of talent as it seeks to help millions of consumers better understand themselves and the world around them by unlocking the secrets hidden in their genes.

The three appointments announced today:

Trace your ancestral roots, easily

While there have always been amateur genealogists among us digging through dusty records or begging grandma for family stories, the trend seems to be on the uptick today — reflecting a desire that often becomes more acute as we age, retire or see our parents pass away. 

Among the Multitude: A Look At The Complexity Of Diversity In Genetics

Within your DNA there are portions that link you with the rest of the human species as well as deviations that, colloquially, “makes you, you.” This individuality includes your ethnicity, biological makeup and life experiences. 

Fact-Checking Family Folklore With DNA Tests

Americans are digging up surprises about their immigrant ancestors using DNA testing and online genealogy research.

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