Life Inside Victoria's 19th-Century 'Lunatic' Asylums

The release of almost 150,000 historical records from 15 former Victorian 'mental' asylums now lets us peer into the lives of our anguished descendants. Digitised by Ancestry, the material includes medical records, newspaper clippings, photos, and letters.

Lessons in kindness: A professor's generosity comes full circle

He searched social media sites and government records. For two years, he searched…and nearly gave up. Finally, in a breakthrough with the help of, he received an email from Cates and helped Musoma reconnect with his past.

My Ancestry DNA Test Revealed 2 Sisters I Didn’t Know I Had

At 45, we decided to finally learn our ethnicity. Six weeks later, the results popped up in my inbox. At first it seemed like your basic discovery: Euro-mutts. But then an accompanying notification dwarfed those results: You have an unusually close match!

Ancestry uncovers Miracle on Ice team's diverse backgrounds in hockey-focused spot

In the ‘America’s Greatness Comes from Everywhere’ campaign, Ancestry spotlights the surprising diversity of former hockey players, including from the ‘Miracle on Ice’ team that beat the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Eruzione believes diversity is Team USA's greatest strength

“All American athletes, we come from different backgrounds, we all have different heritage and we're very diverse,” Eruzione said. “We know we're diverse as a country, but our team was very diverse.” Looks at Where the ‘Miracle on Ice’ U.S. Hockey Players Really Came From

On the eve of the Winter Games in South Korea, five members of the “Miracle on Ice” 1980 gold-medal-winning U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team reunite for an ad, reminding us that, in America, “Greatness Comes From Everywhere,” because our ethnic heritage is so diverse.

Sisters Separated for 47 Years Meet for the First Time: 'She'll Never Get Away From Me Again!'

After years of searching, led Braica to distant relatives who helped her find Kreppel. The pair united at a Florida airport and shared an emotional embrace.

You Can Take Britain Out of Europe, but You Can’t Take Europe Out of the British, Says

French, Italians, Germans, Poles and other Europeans belt out Rick Astley’s 1988 hit “Together Forever” in a new ad from, reminding the British that while Brexit may take them out of the European Union, it can’t remove Europe from their DNA.