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The long-lost sister my family never knew existed

In July of 2017, my dad was helping me move into my New York City apartment when he got an email alert from His DNA results were in, and we were excited to explore our family’s roots. Little did we know, after that day, our family tree would change forever.

Kamau's epic journey to discover his roots

'United Shades of America' host W. Kamau Bell embarks on a journey into his family history with Ancestry and brings his mom and dad along for the ride.

The History of the Markle Sparkle: Meghan's Royal Connection and Roots Uncovered in Historical Documents

While much is known about the family Meghan Markle is marrying into, the American actress and humanitarian’s ancestors are equally impressive — and include a royal connection as well, records show.

Tennessee Man Discovers He Has a Daughter Thanks to DNA Test

Decades after she was put up for adoption as a baby, a woman from Missouri finally had the chance to meet her biological father — who had no clue he even had a child.

DNA test links woman to biological father and 7 half-siblings

When Tracy Melton submitted her DNA sample to she was only expecting to gain some insight into her ethnic background. A year after her dad, Rich Melton, took the same test and learned he had a 45-year-old son he never knew existed, DNA magic struck again.

He found his long-lost brother at school — then took the trip of a lifetime

Kieron Graham, 20, was able to track down his brother after his adoptive mother gave him an AncestryDNA test as an early Christmas present. 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

"My best gift was an Ancestry DNA test kit. It was a hit because it was related to the theme of family, but was also a trendy and intriguing interactive experience. It was fun for everyone to later hear the results."

DNA tests led to newfound family for these Minnesotans

After a lifetime of not knowing for sure, he finally took the AncestryDNA test in October 2015. The Battle Lake., Minn., man didn’t get the result he’d expected. But by taking the test, he helped solve mysteries in the lives of three complete strangers.