DNA kit discoveries leading to new travel trend

Thanks to AncestryDNA, DNA tourism is rising, as people are using the cutting-edge technology to trace their ancestors’ histories around the globe. NBC’s Keir Simmons follows along on one family’s trip of a lifetime, guided by Ancestry's knowledgable team of ProGenealogists.

Strangers discover their Underground Railroad connection: "We all inherit slavery in a different way"

Ancestry arranged for six people from across the U.S. to meet at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn – known as the Grand Central Depot of the Underground Railroad. The only thing the group was told before they got to the church was that they had heroic ancestors from the slavery era. 

One-third of Americans can't name all of their grandparents

It turns out there are a lot of people who can’t name all four of their grandparents, according to a new Ancestry survey.

All in the Family! Sam Rockwell Is Related to George W. Bush — Who He Portrays in Vice

Ancestry has uncovered why Sam Rockwell's portrayal of George W. Bush in the Dick Cheney biopic Vice is so uncanny — because they're related!

One-third of Americans can’t name all of their grandparents

According to a new Ancestry survey, which polled 2,000 Americans, a third of Americans are unable to name all four of their grandparents.

10 ways you can travel and explore your family history

From millennials to baby boomers, travelers are taking the results of their DNA tests and heading around the world to explore their family's past and understand their own unique place in history. 

88-year-old mother reunites with daughter she thought had died at birth 69 years ago

Since she was just a little girl, Connie Moultroup has had the same Christmas wish every year: to meet her biological mother. This week -- after 69 long years -- she finally did, all thanks to AncestryDNA.

This Nebraska town -- population 2 -- grew to 10 times its size for a Thanksgiving feast

The welcome sign reads "Gross, Pop. 2," and Mary and Mike Finnegan are the two residents who call Gross home. This year, the town grew to 10 times its size when the couple, with help from Ancestry, organized a Thanksgiving feast to bring their family back together.