Long-lost brothers discover each other at same college: 'I was in disbelief'

Two biological brothers who were separated as children were recently shocked by a discovery on Ancestry-- that as adults they live 15 minutes away from each other, attend the same college, and are studying the same major and minor.

Greg Louganis: How I Found My Birth Mother

When Greg Louganis, 57, first submitted his DNA to ancestry.com in late 2016—and confirmed the identity of his birth father, Fouvale Lutu — the Olympic diver never thought he’d find his birth mother as well.

Holiday Gift Guide

The New York Times and Wirecutter bring you this indispensable guide to the best gifts of the holiday season. Browse by interest or price; we promise you’ll find something nice. 

The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for the 2017 Holiday Season

This holiday season offers smarter wearables, gadgets to stabilize your iPhone and GoPro videos, inventive ways to categorize your wine collection and amazing options to chart your ancestry so you can connect to your long-lost cousins. Happy Holidays!

'Coco' filmmakers discover family history in latest Ancestry spot

In a spot by Omnicom’s Content Collective, Ancestry’s lead genealogist Jenn Utley reveals the results of personal DNA tests to Coco filmmakers Adrian Molina, Darla Anderson and Lee Unkrich, mirroring the journey of the "Coco" film’s main character.

Build your own drone: DIY gifts that are great for creative minds

Art made of snapshots and genealogy kits make these gifts highly personal, says columnist Marc Saltzman.

How well do home DNA kits really work? See identical triplets try 3 of them

Though the three sisters have three different last names, their DNA is identical, which means the results from their tests should be identical too.

Ancestry's Genetic Testing Kits Are Heading For Your Stocking This Year

This holiday season, more people than ever before are giving the gift of spit. Well, what’s in your spit, to be precise. 

Here are the top places to work by region

Here are the best companies in 2017 by region, in alphabetical order, according to Comparably.com.

30 Gifts Even Super-Picky People Will Love

An ancestry kit to help them discover their roots. The kit allows them to take an at-home DNA sample and send it to Ancestry.com for analysis.