Expanding Community Connectivity Top Priority for Ancestry.com
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Site's Community Suite of Tools Makes Discovering and Connecting with Other Researchers Faster and Easier

PROVO, Utah, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- With more than 10 million unique visitors a month, Ancestry.com is the world leader in online family history research. Soon, a new community area encompassing a suite of tools expected to be launched on Ancestry this fall will make it easier than ever for members who are researching their family stories to connect with others researching similar interests.

"The ability to collaborate with others searching on similar interests is vital to members of Ancestry, as it not only furthers their family history research but often connects them with living family members who were previously unknown," said Michael Sherrod, Ancestry's vice president of community and publishing. "These integrated community tools will help you discover and connect with those researching the same people, places and events as you, while also enabling you to build lasting bonds with both family and existing and new friends."

Ancestry's new community suite of tools will enable online community access to connection services. "Connection services will allow our members to associate with others on Ancestry in a secure environment by using screen names -- without having to give out personal information," Sherrod said. "In addition, members may easily note comments and corrections to Ancestry's records, as well as connect with others for online discussions and to gather additional information."

Ancestry's product development team is expected to continue to publish additional new collaboration tools on the site later this year and in 2006.

"While Ancestry has more than 3 billion names online, this represents only a fraction of the total value offered by the Ancestry web site," said Sherrod. "The real value is community, and we offer the largest genealogical community on the Internet. If you consider the community of Ancestry, combined with the communities hosted by the MyFamily.com, Inc. network of family history web sites, including RootsWeb.com, Genealogy.com, MyFamily.com and Ancestry.co.uk, no other sites provide so much education, information and opportunity for communication and collaboration."

Look for Ancestry's new features, which are expected to be online this fall at http://www.ancestry.com/.

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