Margo Georgiadis, Ancestry CEO At Ancestry®, we get out of bed every morning with a single, shared purpose: to empower journeys of personal discovery to enrich lives. For more than 30 years, we've helped people learn more about themselves by connecting them to their past so they can gain meaningful insights to inspire their future.In our earliest days, those journeys were exclusively about genealogy ? building your family tree, understanding the stories and experiences of generations before you and connecting with extended family through shared experiences.Seven years ago, we launched AncestryDNA® to help millions more people accelerate their personal and family journeys of discovery and to make more connections than ever before.  And we continue to innovate and invest, providing more and richer sources of content like yearbooks and obituaries, improving our discovery tools such as ThruLines and deepening our DNA solutions with more granular insights on ethnicity, communities and inherited traits.As DNA science has continued to rapidly advance, we know that we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible to empower customers to learn from their family heritage and their DNA. Over the years, we've heard from many of you that you are interested in solutions to understand the connections between your DNA and your health.Today, we're proud to announce AncestryHealth® to help people better understand how their family health history and their genes influence their health. In launching AncestryHealth, we're making a long-term commitment to preventive health in order to make a difference in people's lives -- just as Ancestry has done with family history for the last three decades.We've focused on what people want most:

  • Actionable insights to improve health outcomes for themselves and their families
  • Access to education and support, including genetic counseling resources
  • A seamless handoff with their healthcare provider so they can take action together
  • Access to the most comprehensive screening technology available

AncestryHealth was designed specifically to meet these needs. Our new health services - AncestryHealth Core™ and AncestryHealth Plus ™ - empower people with actionable insights about health risks identified in their genetics and family health history that can help them to start down a path toward better health outcomes. Identifying genetic health risks earlier can often help people, along with their healthcare provider, to better address preventable or treatable conditions.Distinctive consumer-centric features of our services include: a guided and supportive end-to-end experience, family health history tool, physician-ordered, laboratory developed tests, access to genetic counseling resources and printable reports for both consumers and physicians.We're also providing access to next generation sequencing (NGS) technology that will enable us to provide more comprehensive and actionable insights on a broad range of conditions over time. We're pleased to offer early access to this advanced technology to our valued members before we make the service available to the public.And just like all of our Ancestry offerings, AncestryHealth gives customers full consent and control over their own data. Ancestry does not sell or share data with insurers, employers, or third-party marketers.We've seen adding health to our offerings as a natural evolution, but only if we could do it in a way that was consistent with our mission. We didn't want to be just another report provider. We wanted to provide a clear path from insight to action so people - in partnership with their healthcare provider- can start on the path toward better health outcomes.Most importantly, everyone should know that your genes do not need to be your destiny. Your genes are just a part of the equation and there are many powerful, proactive choices you can make, in partnership with your healthcare provider, that may improve your long-term health. In the same way that knowledge of your family and ethnicity helps you make sense of your past to inspire your future, knowledge about your genetics and any associated risks can help you make sense of ? and start to manage ? the future for you and your family.We look forward to taking the next step on the journey into health and wellness with you.  To read more about today's AncestryHealth announcement, click here