Your DNA has a story to share. Now there’s a better way to tell it.
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As we?ve talked to customers about what you want from your AncestryDNA results, your comments and suggestions inspired us to make some changes. So we?ve integrated more of your DNA test data into a single experience we call your DNA Story. Your DNA Story features a new way of displaying 150+ regions, a timeline of historical migrations, ancestors from your family tree, and an interactive map that lets you understand and explore your own story like never before. If you haven?t logged in to explore your DNA results lately, here?s a short guided tour: Ethnicity Estimate Your ethnicity estimate gives a snapshot of places and populations that might have played a role in your past. All the regions and migrations listed in your estimate come from data in your DNA. You can select any region to learn more about it. Regions with a solid circle icon are based on comparing your DNA to our reference panel. They are regions that likely had a place in your family story hundreds or even a thousand years ago. (Learn more) Indented below some regions, you might have another region or regions with a dotted icon that will usually narrow down an area further. These regions are based on Genetic Communities. These are places where your ancestors might have lived more recently. (Learn more) Migrations Migrations are also based on Genetic Communities, but they don?t always fit under a single region. They tell the story of groups of people your ancestors may have been part of and the journeys that brought them to a new home. If you have more than one migration or region you can now see if and when they overlap with each other on the map. Map You?ll find more of your story on the map. Dotted lines show possible migration paths, and you can follow changes over time using the timeline at the bottom of the page. The timeline also shows people from your tree who may have ties to a specific region, which helps you see where your link to an area may have come from.  Make sure you link your family tree to your DNA results to unlock this feature. (Learn how to easily connect your tree to your DNA results) Timeline Select one of the dates on the timeline and one of the regions or migrations on your list to access more of the story behind it. The timeline shares the history of large groups of people, but even though the timeline isn?t based on your specific ancestors, it may still tell a story that your ancestors took part in. Make sure you check out the Historical Insights for more context into what was happening in that particular region during that time frame. We hope you?ll enjoy exploring your DNA Story. Take advantage of our holiday savings by visiting AncestryDNA.