Your Ancestor's Name Was What?
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I suspect most of us have plenty of names like John Smith or Bob Jones in our trees. But some of the names stand out just because they are a little bit different. Or maybe just fun to say. rm cash Tombstone of Ready Cash Take my 4th Great Grandfather. On his tombstone, we see the rather boring old R.M. Cash and his wife Mary Hartigan. He went by Ready Cash.  Most of his census records list him as Ready. And he signs his name on my 3rd Great Grandmother's marriage bond as Ready Cash. Who chooses to go by Ready Cash' ready signature Signature of Ready Cash Now the 1880 census lists him as Redding, which I suspect is his real name. But it seems he went by Ready. Ready Cash.  He's pretty hard to do a text search on. Oh, and then there is his brother Peachy. Their father was Thomas Cash. Thomas' first wife was Jemina Peachy and his second wife was Jane Camron. Most researchers believe that Peachy was the son of Jane. Sometimes the surname of the first wife was used as the name of the child of the 2nd wife. And sometimes the maiden name of the only wife was used as a name of a child. But yes, they were Peachy and Ready Cash. I also have a Zebedee and Josephat Hash in my tree. Granted, they don't make you smile like Peachy and Ready do. But they are fun to say! I also find state names throughout the family trees for the women. There is the usual Virginia and Georgia, which seem like common enough girls' names. But I also have Arkansas, Tennessee, Oregon, Missouri and America. Never quite been able to figure those out. So what names did your ancestors leave for you to smile or wonder about' What are you favorites' Happy Searching!